It was a dark and stormy night. Rain washed down from the rooftops as the master waited for two men who were dressed in complete black to approach him. “Find anything interesting?” The master asked, looking down at his green gloves. “We found these two out on the street, sir.” The two men dressed in complete black dropped two things wrapped in sacks in front of the master. The master looked at the men again in confusion. “Were they like this when you found them?” The one on the right nodded. “Good.” The master unsheathed his gun and pointed it at one of their heads. “Which one of you is going to tell me where the Universal Squad is?” He fired a shot into the air. “That was the other one. If you don’t tell me, you’ll end up like the other one.” “You’ve got a lot of loyalty for two random hired thugs.” A hiss sounded out from one of the sacks. The master cautiously walked over to the one on the left, signaling with his hands for his servants to cover him. He pulled the sack off and screamed, dropping his gun and the sack. “Surprised by my face?” hissed the thing. The master didn’t even know how to describe it. It’s “face” was a metal plate with a smiley face etched into it. “Did you really think you’d gain anything from trying to find me?” “Y-you terrorized me when I was a kid. Every night before I would go to sleep, you would crawl out from under my bed and tell me scary stories. I always told my parents that there was something under my bed, but they would never listen. I was called insane because of you. I should kill you right now.” “Then why haven’t you? If you’re so enraged, why haven’t you killed me yet? Or at least tried to.” It hissed, cocking its head to one side. The master pulled out his gun and pointed it at its head. “Aren’t you curious about what the other sack holds?” The master signaled to his minions to run forward and check the bag. They pulled the sack out and pulled out a…bomb. “Good luck with Hades. I think he won’t forgive you for all the humans you conned.” The thing cackled and then evaporated into smoke. Five seconds later, the bomb exploded, killing all three men. Life had been good ever since Lord Syphrinox had been stopped. The Great Overseer was still in his prison and all was normal. Or at least until the people had started turning. It seemed like everyday we had to deal with another one of them. They always wore this metal plate instead of a face and it was irremovable. “Locked up another one of those lunatics. Wonder if this is some part of a cult trying to take over the world. ‘Cause if it is, then we’ll have no problem. I can take down a hundred mortals in one sitting and that’s if I’m feeling lazy.” Parker bragged. “Stop boasting about yourself. I don’t think this has anything to do with mortals. I’ve been talking to the plates an–” Parker interrupted with a laugh. “You talk to plates? I knew you were insane, but not that insane!” Parker fell of his chair, laughing. “No, the people we caught, idiot. And I recorded the gibberish that they were saying. Turns out that if you play it backwards, it turns out like this.” Daisy took out a recorder and pressed play. A man’s voice sounded out. “Help me please. He’s coming. He’s already destroyed my brain, just make sure he doesn’t destroy you. Beware the man with the smiley face.” The recording ended. “Every single person I’ve interviewed has said the same thing over and over again.” Daisy responded. “I don’t know who this new lunatic is, but I fear that there’s a new villain in town.” “Wait, wait, wait. You think that I’m still supposed to believe that **** of a recording. You think I’m supposed to believe that there’s a new villain? Do you think I want to believe that?!” Parker screeched.The Twist!!!