Justice has been part of our society for a long time. As humans began gaining knowledge, our justice system has been evolving slowly and slowly becoming better and better. But this system is not always  fair. In this story you will follow the path of Joe Hobo as he experiences our sometimes unjust justice system.Joe Hobo had always been a good person, as a kid he was known as the type of person to always do his best. He would finish all his homework, get A’s on the test and help out when he could. As time passed Joe became a well rounded adult. He cared for the environment and for the people. He followed all the laws, well except when he got a speeding ticket last April, but that was an accident. So you could not expect that such a great person would be accused of murder. Joe Hobo didn’t think so either. But on October 27, 2017 he was accused for shooting and killing a man. Everyone thought that Joe Hobo was faulty of the crime and deserved to get punished, but most people didn’t know the whole story. The man that was shot dead was named Nathan Lin and he was a criminal. Nathan had broken into Joe’s house and stole some personal valuable items. Enraged because these items were his great-grandfathers, Joe ran out with his 9mm pistol and shot Nathan in the back killing him immediately. The law states that killing someone in self defense is usually legal, but what Joe did was not. When Nathan had ran with the items, he was not endangering Joe’s or anyone else’s life. He was merely running away. Now the question was whose side was right, Joe’s or the Law. When Joe had called the police he explained to them what had happened and was surprised when they cuffed him and took him in the cruiser. When they arrived at the prison, Joe realized this was about to get real. He swallowed the fact that he had taken someone’s life. Joe was told that he was to stay in prison for a night while they discussed what they would do with him, until the court had decided when his trial was going to take place. The court eventually decided to put Joe on house arrest. As the days passed, Joe began to reflect. He had killed a man, sat in a police vehicle for the first time, and he had been to jail. After thinking about this, Joe began to lose hope of being judged innocent. After all why would anyone listen, he had killed someone. The next day a policeman came to his home and told him that the trial had been scheduled to happen on November 2, which was two days from now. After Joe closed the door, he began replaying what had happened at crime scene, preparing for the trial. Joe’s attorney visited Joe and began debriefing him for the next two days. The next morning, Joe woke up with a bad feeling, and at 9:00 am, his attorney arrived and drove Joe to the courthouse. Joe was very nervous because this very day would decide where he would spend the next 15 years of his life. When he arrived, Joe noticed the courthouse was especially crowded today. He was escorted to the back of the building, to avoid media, and was then seated in the defense side of the courtroom. As Joe walked in he recognized many of his family and friends seated. Joe turned red with embarrassment and quickly turned away. After the opposing side arrived, the bailiff started the trial by saying, “Please rise. Pomona Superior Court is now in session, the Honorable Judge John Dep presiding.” Joe Hobo started to drift away in his own thoughts. He thought about being free, and how he had took it for granted. Joe realized that if he went to jail, he would never be able to start a family. Joe felt deep regret when he thought of that because that had been his long time dream. Joe came back to reality when he heard Judge John Dep say “Is the defense ready?” Joe’s attorney stood up and said, “Yes, Your Honor.” His attorney then walked to the judge and said, “Your Honor, members of the jury, my name is Billy Boe and I am representing Joe Hobo in this case. I intend to prove that Joe Hobo is in fact innocent and should not be charged for the crime. I would like to call up Mr. Hobo to explain what happened on October 27, 2017. Thank you.”Joe Hobo rose and went into the box” Please raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? ,” said John DepJoe raised his right hand and said, “I do””You may proceed,” said John DepJoe started to explained everything that had happened. While he spoke he looked towards the jury and saw them nodding their heads, as if they understood what he went through. When he finished John Dep told him to step down. Joe returned to his seat and waited for the judge and the juries to finish.”The prosecution may now rise and state their claim,” John Dep said breaking the silence.”I would first like to address that this action was not taken in self defense, but with an intent to kill, which is classified as murder by the U.S. Code § 1111,” said their attorney. “Objection!,” said Joe’s attorney “Denied! Continue,” said John Dep”As I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted, was that Joe Hobo should be charged for second degree murder because he murdered Mr. Lin with an intent to kill,” said the prosecution attorney.A gasp emerged from the audience, even though it was mostly from Joe’s parents. Mostly everyone knew what was going to happen, but they didn’t know that Joe would be put down so easily.”Both the prosecution and the defense have now rested their cases. The attorneys will now present their closing statements. Please remember, what the attorneys say is NOT evidence. However, do listen closely. They are intended to aid you in understanding the case. Prosecution, you may begin,” said John Dep”Thank you, your Honor. Members of the jury, today you have heard the truth about Joe Hobo. I would like to remind you that neither Joe Hobo’s or anyone else’s lives were not being threatened, so this is not a case of self defense. Please find the defendant guilty of the charge of Second Degree Murder. Thank you,” said the prosecuting attorney “Defense you may present your closing statement,” said John Dep.”Thank you, your Honor. Members of the jury, today you have heard testimony about Joe Hobo. I would like to remind you of some important information that you should consider in your decision. These facts include that Joe Hobo was acting on instinct and it was not his intent to kill Mr. Lin. Please find our client, Joe Hobo, not guilty. Thank you,” said Joe’s attorney”Members of the jury, you have heard all of the testimony concerning this case. It is now up to you to determine the facts. You and you alone, are the judges of the fact. Once you decide what facts the evidence proves, you must then decide whether the defendant is guilty or not,” said John DepAt this point, Joe knew that it was over. There was far to much evidence against him. Joe turned around and looked at his friends and family. He noticed that his mom was in tears, so he turned around, unable to look at the distress he had caused. After a while John asked the juries,”Have we reached a verdict?””Yes your honor,” said the jury”What say you ?,” asked John”We the jury, in the case of Joe Hobo find the defendant guilty of the charge of second degree murder.  But because of his clean record, Joe Hobo is sentenced to 15 years in prison,” said the jury”Thank you, Jury, for your service today. The Court is adjourned,” said JohnJoe fell back in his chair. He heard a sob and recognized it as his mom’s. Joe began cursing silently and thought to himself.  After all those years that he had done good for the community, this is how he gets treated? Joe saw the officers come and he allowed himself to be handcuffed. Joe was dragged out of the court and immediately got put into the back a police cruiser. He didn’t even get to say goodbye. Joe began thinking of his future, but his attention kept diverting to his new home, the prison.