Karni mata temple is a hindu mandir which is situated at Deshnoke, 30 km from Bikaner in rajasthan, this is also known as Temple of Rats. This temple is not famous for its location or architecture rather it’s famous for rats. People eats leftover of rats as ‘prasad’ , people worships rats and offer sweets and milk to the rats. There is around 25000 black rats and these rats are also known as ‘kabbas’. The rats are allowed to move freely. If any rat is killed by mistake or deliberately then it must be replaced by with that one of solid gold as atonement of sin. People all over the world travel long distances to visit the place and worship the rats.There are too many stories behind the history of the temple but most famous prevailing story is that Laxman, who was karni mata’s son. He drowned in a pond kolayat Tehsil when he was drinking water from the pond. Karni mata prayed to yamraj, the god of death for her son’s life. The lord allowed reincarnation as rats to Laxman and all Karni Mata’s sons.Sometime few white rats spot among the black rats. These white rats are considered as Karni Mata herself with her four sons.  I believe in god but I don’t believe in this kind of superstitious.We usually see many superstitious event in our society and all over world. Eating leftover of rats is not scientifically good for health it may leads you many diseases like Plague, Lassa Fever etc. We go to temple to get rid of sorrow but eating leftover of rats so it may give you more sorrow in form of disease. I am not saying don’t go temple but I am trying to say don’t believe blindly on superstitious.Today India maintain a good rank in technology growth but in other side people believe in this kind of absurd and scientifically rejected rituals. Some times superstitious becomes expensive for health,So think rationally because ” If you have life, you have the world” .