Learning that more money is being spent pets rather than on welfare is ridiculous. In the article, “The Last Meow” the author, Bilger, argues that Americans spend way too much money on their pets. Bilger mentioned that “Americans now spend $19 billion a year on veterinary care for their pets, up from $11 billion just seven years ago. Add to that the cost of pet food and other supplies, and the number rises to $47 billion, nearly three times as much as the federal government spends on welfare grants.” Bilger is right, spending billions on animals when there are millions of people living in poverty is insane. Our society is not even close to being what we call perfect nor near being perfect. Spending this much money on an animal can be spent on something more useful, something that has an effect on our society. This amount of money could be spent on improving the lives of millions of Americans living in poverty. There are also many ways to use this amount of money. The money could be spent on many shelters who are feeding homeless animals and also provide support for their health. I am not saying that the money shouldn’t go to their animals, but if the animal is near its death then it is time for the owners to let go. If the animal does not have a chance of surviving and living for a very long time there is no point of spending that much of money. There are many ways to replace these animals. Millions of animals living in shelters are looking owners and waiting to get adopted. As humans, we treat our pets as our family. Some of us even choose to live with a pet than having to have kids. I understand that people would go to any extent just to save their loved ones just what they will do to their pets. But the idea of spending tons of money on an animal who may not live as long has gone too far. The Lady cat’s story explained to us how much people care about their pets. In the article, “If they were willing to go this far for a cat, it was partly out of a sense of shared misfortune. But mostly it was a matter of love.” This quote explains how the “matter of love” is worth more than the money. If the owner, Levering, have the money to keep his cat alive I am positive that he would spend all of it to save her. In this case, though, Lady is a cat who is living with anemic, asthmatic, congenitally blind, and now with a kidney failure. It’s time to let her go in peace.”Every year, while pets like theirs are saved by the most elaborate means, some six million strays are put to sleep,” says Bilger. Thinking about it, six million strays put to sleep is a lot. If pet owners lose their pet and each of them adopts a new one then the number of stray animals being put down would drop dramatically. Trying to save their pets when it is time for them to go would just cause a lot more pain to the pet and to the owner. There is no assurance if their pet would be the same. Giving them the surgery they need might just lead to more and more surgeries. Pet owners should let nature take its natural course and let their pet pass in peace. They could still save a life by adopting a new pet. Pet owners could argue that having an animal is very beneficial. I agree with that, but if your pet is extremely ill and there is a small chance of it living then it is time to put the pet to sleep. Studies have shown that forming a relationship with an animal can have important health and psychological benefits. Owning a pet or interacting regularly with animals can lower humans’ blood pressure, reduce anxiety and depression, and increase their social interaction. People who have dogs also tend to get more exercise from regular walks. Having a pet often provides people with a reason for enjoying life and connecting with others.             Americans spend extreme amounts of money to keep their pets alive. They could spend that money on helping animals whose life can be changed with that money. For Lady, the cat and her owners, Karen and Shawn Levering, fifteen thousand dollars on a blind, anemic, asthmatic, and toothless cat are not worth the money. Even though the couple does not have the money they are still willing to pay for the surgery. Karen and Shawn Levering show us how many Americans are willing to give up anything for their pets. In our society, other issues that are far more important do not get a lot of money or attention. But when it comes to a pet we spend billions, even on a dying animal. This money should go on aiding strays and charities and save the six million stray cats being put to sleep. There are more ways to help these animals than we can imagine. Lastly, when it is your pet’s time to go it is time for them to be in peace. Just like us, humans, when we are suffering in pain sometimes we just choose to die than trying.