“Learning gives Creativity, Creativity Leads to Thinking, thinking
provides Knowledge, Knowledge makes you great” Over the years, I have lived by
these words of Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam The 11th President of India
which made me realize that, what we learn with pleasure we never forget, that work
done with absolute involvement and enthusiasm gives one immense satisfaction. Thus I
have decided to pursue that path in life that helps me accomplish this goal.

During the course of my undergrad I acquired a comprehensive exposure on
the core areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering and a basic
understanding of Information Technology. Introduction of C and Data structures in the freshman
year and the exposure to Object Oriented Programming, Computer
Architecture over the years fascinated me and lead me to gain technical knowledge
for my future endeavors in the Field Information Technology. The basic understanding
in these subjects fuelled my interest and instilled in me the desire to learn
more. In the final year of my undergrad, I was required to do a project as per
course requirements. Having acquired the knowledge on internet routing and
network communications from various computer courses over the years, I decided
to see how these concepts learnt in the classroom translated to in real time.

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After thorough understanding of the routing tables and routing infrastructure,
I successfully configured a CISCO ROUTER which shows how packets are
forwarded from a source to a destination using hardware routing protocols.


Coming from an engineering discipline I only had few opportunities to
dabble in managerial courses. Though I had a basic understanding of Management
Science and Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis, from my undergrad, I
didn’t get to explore them completely. Only after I started working, did I
realize the importance and application of these subjects.


Having worked in Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) for more than a year I had the
opportunity to handle the technical aspect of the job while getting a taste for
the managerial side of it. I realized the symbiotic relationship that technology and business share. Both of them are
intertwined and neither can survive without the other. Everyday being a challenge, the job
proved to be exciting and helped me to hone my skills greatly. I understood that information systems focuses
on operational efficiency and on each and every aspect of the business in real
time. It requires skills in identifying user problems and translating these
needs into technological solutions. It requires us to rely upon observation and
mathematics to construct an opportunity by planning, analyzing and envisioning
the growth and success of the company. This fascination and inclination to know more about the
administrative side of the spectrum while strengthening my technical
foundations was one of the main reasons for my decision to pursue Management and Information Technology.


 Each day was a new opportunity to learn,
improve, innovate and implement. Meeting with the clients, continuous
interaction with the company’s customers, diagnosing problems through discussions with
users and working on problem recognition, logs, research, isolation and resolution
was challenging. Converting the huge amount of data involved
in running a business into useful information requires knowledge and skill in
various fields. Providing the right information to the right people at the
right time, is extremely important for success and this is possible only by
mastering the art of information dissemination. Taking on
the challenges to complete the projects given to me has increased my
capabilities to handle tasks, responsibilities and my knowledge to a vast

I was amazed by how focusing on the management side of
the organization could impact one’s performance as well as the performance of
the company. I noticed
that learning is pleasurable but implementing the concepts practically is the
height of enjoyment. Once I realized how important a customer is to the company and to the
business as a whole, I was able to perform better and was
recognized as an outstanding performer in the team. I gained a personal
perspective and knowledge on how to strategically and effectively use
information systems in organizations and how corporations
use technology to address business problems.

         In today’s era where business and technology
have been experiencing sweeping changes and where each day brings in a string
of new concepts and applications, I desire for a program where one can aspire
to be both business savvy and technically proficient. One such branch which
focuses on integrating technology and
organizational processes is Master of Science in Information Technology
Management. My Masters in UMass Lowell laid a foundation to the world of
Information Technology Management. The
degree from UMass Lowell refined my skills to deliver
technology-driven business solutions for global organizations.  I
believe that your master’s program will enhance my knowledge and help me
greatly in attaining my career goals. I desire to gain the expertise and
eventually make an indispensable contribution to the field of Management while
bringing in my knowledge and expertise from my previous Degrees and career

        My search for a
program to gain
the knowledge and insights critical to success in contemporary business
management lead me to your university. While researching the program, I was impressed with the
breadth of the topics covered by the program. This coupled with all the good
things I heard about the school and program have reinforced my desire to pursue
my Masters in management studies with you. As the role of technological
entrepreneurship in the
business world increases I am eager to explore this field under the esteemed
professors teaching at Sullivan University and prepare for the future. The
university’s policy to focus on learning through experience to prepare students
for the real world aligns with my disposition towards learning. All this
combined with the flexibility of the coursework to improve my career
opportunities makes me keen to continue my academic pursuit in your university.

Sullivan University with its flexible course work, outstanding infrastructure, brilliant academic setting
and highly trained and experienced faculty leave
nothing more to be desired. I am sure the high quality of educational standards combined with an
international exposure and a favorable learning environment provided by the
university would be an enriching experience.


am fully aware that a consistently focused and whole-hearted effort is required
to excel in my choice of educational pursuit. I am confident that I would meet
all the above demands and given the opportunity
to be a part of your promising graduate program, I shall bring credit to the University.

I would regard my admission to Sullivan University not only as a great honor
and success but also a great opportunity to increase my repertoire of knowledge
and skills and as an obligation for hard work.