Logic, critical thinking, deep analysis, evaluation,
planning, probability, and through advanced mathematical skills can assess a
fair and professional judgement. Thus, applying mathematics and statistics is
crucial to provide reasonable validation for insurance and financial risk by expanding
my knowledge and applying actuarial science. Therefore, any challenges in
actuarial science degree, I am keen to gain new experience, confront them and constantly
exposing myself in related contents. Fascinated by how mathematics can
manipulate and plays an important role in the course, my obsession with
mathematics become apparent but relating them to economic is a whole new level.
Solving problems are part of my learning process and now I am determined to
solve severe, risky future financial crisis either in a company or my country. Therefore,
I am eager to acquire and master the skills of an actuary in the degree course.


Actuarial science is a complicated course and highly
competitive globally. As an initiative, I am slowly attaining the desired
skills such as updating my awareness with global economics for future financial
status by reading “The Economist”. My passion for mathematics will never fades as
my enthusiasm of it remains. I will accept another challenge in different way of
implying mathematics with a blend of economic and finance. Getting an A in my BGCSE
O level for both Mathematics and Additional Mathematics boosts my confidence
and self-esteem to pursue my study in A level mathematics alongside Chemistry
and Physics, with General Paper as my 4th AS subject, these
combinations of subjects help to develop my thinking skills and professional
approach in decoding problems. For instance, statistics module in Mathematics
is highly related to the course and I surely appreciate the knowledge that I
obtained from it.

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Throughout my formal education, academic activities are what I
have been exhilarated for to keep myself proactive. To improve, I tested myself
with a higher level of assessments that is Mathematics organised by UNSW Global
under ICAS for 3 years scoring all Credit. In addition, I have joined the MASMO
2014 and achieved merit award. Moreover, I registered a peer mentoring program
as the mentor for AS Mathematics conducted by our school.

Leadership, social, and management skills, I realised, is
what I need to be ready to step in the university to be open minded. Hence, I
took part in various group projects such as video making for GP competition in
2017 and won 2nd which refined my communication skills and interaction
with the audience using computer skills. Beside the workloads that I need to
finish, with planned and systematic work ethics, university life is not a
burden but an amusing roller coaster ride with colleagues striving for one
objective, to become a successful actuary in the future. Any activities I
participated, I valued everything and hoping myself be more sensible in confronting
related events as my course with patience and professional practice.


Academics aside, I personally enjoy physical activities
including cardio workout such as jogging, hiking and badminton. It can keep
myself fit and healthy physically and mentally. Elected as the president of
badminton club in my school, I am given a huge responsibility in managing the
club. As a school representative for interschool badminton tournament twice in
2 years, I organised my time accordingly to balance out academics and curricular
activities to excel both mentally and physically. I would be able to become
more self-disciplined and dedicated to any commitments. Furthermore, I strongly
agree, to produce a prolific and outstanding quality student, such activities are


Learning something new is my absolute motivations. Actions
have consequences, and the consequences is, I am willing to take in this course
because I am sure, with no doubts, this course is what I desired and this is
the time I am making a brilliant choice.