Looking beautiful or rather presentable is one of the most important necessity of today’s generation. In the process Grooming themselves from top to bottom , the new fad of today’s  generation is the dental tattoos and piercings. Tattoos are not at all new to ours. Smile is the best ornament one can wear. And to make the smile more stylish, such dental tattoos are incorporated into the tooth structures. Like any other styling trend such as nose piercings, tooth tattoos are the new fad. 
The tattoo culture is not new. It was started about 5000 years back. But in ancient times, it was giving a bad impression which bothered their social respect in the community, but now it is regaining its momentum to be the latest trend. Several celebrities such as David beckham and Diana stand a good example for those who made this dental tattoos popular. In many cultures, teeth might be replaced with a gold implanted fake ones which is exhibited as a status symbol in the society. 
There are two types of dental tattoos- one is the temporary dental tattoo and the other one is the permanent dental tattoo. Temporary one takes lesser time to get fixed into the tooth structures and might get erased within 2-3 days. Whereas, permanent tattoos removal is pretty difficult. The person has to extract his entire tooth to get rid of the permanent Dental tattoos.The major disadvantage is the possibility of plaque build-up around the tattoo, causing an increasing chance of tooth decay.  But with good oral hygiene, this can be avoided.  Further dental tattoos sometimes get abraded with time and needs to be replaced. Moreover unnecessary removal of tooth structure weakens the tooth which compromises the longevity of the tooth. 
Normally this artwork is created on the back teeth, the molars or bicuspids. Most people prefer having it on the cheek side of the tooth, some on the tongue side.
This artistic medical boom is still in its primitive form and needs lot more research and advancement. This imagination of vibrating, beautiful tattoos which can pick up bacteria to diagnose disease is soon going to not only revolutionize dentistry but also the medical profession. Thus it would be apt to call these tattoos a tattoo with a purpose
             Dental tattoo is becoming prevalent and hence an updated knowledge is useful.Hence this survey will create awareness of dental tattoo among the Indian population.

 People of various age groups were chosen to take up the survey where 61.1% of the people who attended survey were teenagers. And among the people who took up the survey, 41.2% of the people feel that the accessories are very much important for them and the others feel that it is not so important. 48.1% of the people confess that they have wished to get a tattoo. Among the people who took up the survey, 86.2% of the population has not heard of dental tattoos before and the remaining 13.8% people have heard of dental tattoos before. This shows that most of the people are not aware that there is something called dental tattoos that exists. 14.5% of the people who took up the survey feel that tattoos look good on teeth while the remaining people feel that it doesn’t look good on the teeth. This might be because many of them do not generally have a good impression on tattoos and so the idea of dental tattoos might make them have fears of causing damage to the tooth structures or undergoing a painful process. In the next question from the survey, which asks the people if they feel dental tattoos cause harm to the tooth structures, 77.7% of the people feel that it might harm while the remaining population feels that it won’t cause harm. Further the participants claim that only 3.1% of the people have found people with dental tattoos in their surroundings/locality. This shows that it is not so widely spread among the South Indian people. Further, 80% of the participants feel that it is unnecessary / waste of time, money and energy to go for dental tattoos. 82.3% people feel that it doesn’t suit their South Indian culture. Some people might also feel that it gives a bad impression on the people who see them from outside.
Finally, 17.6% of participants claim that they would like to try it if it is accessible 

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