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ENG 102


the East and Back


kind of forget what goes on in the world around you when you are so tied up
with your life. Mad again? The dog used the bathroom inside the house! The
travesty!! Well there is a war going on in the middle east and along with that,
Egypt’s culture is being robbed by tomb raiders to make a pretty penny due to
the poverty being caused by the war. Tourism in Egypt was gone down about 5
billion dollars within the last couple of years. It is mostly due to tourists
seeing Egypt as too dangerous to visit.

a little bit east we run into China. China was secluded from the world during
the 1950s with their cultural revolution, they then came back to open its doors
only to find out that the world had farly out developed them. So desperate to
catch up, they developed a blind worship to western culture. With this they
have developed this blind worship so much that you are treated like royalty if
you are a white male living in China.

this video many questions were asked to Thomas Morton who works at VICE and
traveled to China in order to first-handedly see what all this talk about. He
mainly focused on acquiring jobs and examined how easily it was to get them.
Most of the time his credentials and his ethnicity were synonymous. A Lot of
hiring managers did not care about his background and only saw that he was
white, this was all that mattered. Thus proving the point of how you were
treated like royalty in China. IT doesn’t stop there, many companies even hire
white foreigners to impersonate actually professionals in order to make their
business seem ‘cultural’ and ‘diverse’. In example of this video, they hired
David Garner who does “white face”  jobs
for a living where companies hire him to perform talks or just appear at events
to make the company’s image cultural, diverse, and welcoming. In the video he
was hired by a hospital to impersonate an american doctor so that he may speak
to them at their event about cancer and was reading a wikipedia entry about it.
The people did not seem to care and were only entranced by his complexion and
the fact that he was a westerner.

the treatment of royalty was further continued by just regular citizens. You
can see within the video many instances where chinese locals are taking
pictures with these people. They clearly don’t know who they are or what they
do but they just got a nice picture with a white man that they can post on
instagram and all their friends are going to be jealous of them.

on the other hand, don’t think of all chinese citizens turning the blind eye to
all this deception. As with the article “White people wanted: a peek into
China’s booming ‘rent a foreigner’ industry” written by Alice Yan, many
companies are so caught up in the fact that foreigners are so great for
marketing that they don’t even take a look into credentials of the people the
hire. They hire these white westerners and the put out a subpar performance
because it’s something they have no experience with. In example, people playing
instruments that they are not familiar with, people dancing to music they have
no idea how to, etc,. This all leads to a poor show, at least to some eyes.

convincing is this piece to me? Very apparent. Just seeing these catering
companies that offer white males and people actually buy into them. All these
great lengths companies entail just to pander to their audience as “diverse and
accepting”. This piece was very interesting to me in the sense of you would
think that it is 2018 and we have evolved away from pagan beliefs and we are
evolving away from the logic of “White is superior” and that all races are
beautiful to this. It is astounding how in this day of age we still see white
men superior and treasure them. It’s all a lie!