I was reading in some of my information and it was talking about how
monkey see, monkey do is a popular saying now days. Sixty years ago the
television was invented. People looked at it as a technological curiosity ( I
got that part from the info). For some people now days TV is their best
friend. Most of them are little kids. TV shows the news, tries to make us buy
certain things, and it also show violence. The only thing that it can do is
replace written materials (Got that to). The bad thing is that these violent
Certain things on TV and movies have inspired people ( I could think
of any other word to use so I used theirs) to set their wives on fire, lie down
in the middle of the roads, rape, steal, murder, and to do shootings. Out of
1,000 studies it is proven that media violence can have a negative affect on
adults and even children. When people watch these shows it makes them
more aggressive and anti-social. After a few days of watching these shows
people become less sensitive to violence and to victims of violence. After
that happens they begin to have a hunger for more violence in entertainment
and in real life. Media violence is especially damaging to young children
between ages 8 and under. The reason for that is because they cannot tell the
difference between the real life and their dreams. Some images on the TV
and movies may seem so real to them that is might traumatize them ( I got
Even with all of the media violence on shows, there hasnt been any
real major changes to deal with the problems that keep growing. All the
people glory the violence in movies, like the movie Natural Born Killers.
They are viewed as normal and everyday entertainment. Now days it is hard
to find a childrens cartoon that does not show some type of violence.
The violence on shows isnt the problem though. It is what they dont
show. They never show what happens to the people for doing the things that
they do. This happens a lot in cartoons, toy commercials, and music videos.

Children often do not realize that it hurts to hit someone else because they see
it all the time on TV. Everyday in cartoons a character is beat up or killed.
Then they come back in the next one and they are just fine. So then the kids
think that they can do that to someone else and they think that they will come
If the people keep having a high demand for violent shows and movies,
then the shows and movies will continue to be played. So if the way people
think today stay the same then nothing is going to change and the show will
keep on playing. So in that case our society needs to depend on the parents
to cut down the violence that is shown to them. There are many different
First the parents should limit the amount of TV their children watch per
day. It should be between 1 to 2 hours. Children are exposed to too much
violence every day on TV. Mostly that is because parents see the TV as a
babysitter. By cutting down the hours that they get to watch it makes the kids
do something more productive, like trying to read a book or playing outside.
When you decide to let your children watch TV you should always check on
them to make sure they are watching something good.

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Even if you dont let your kid watch TV that doesnt mean that they
arent seeing it. Parents should also make a better effort to develop their
childrens literacy skills. They should help their children learn the difference
between life and their dreams. Without doing that children often have a hard
time telling between what is real and what is make believe. When they learn
this then their parents should teach them about what happens to them if they
draw violence to someone( I made that up that is why it sounds bad). The
parents should tell them that pain is real and death is for ever. They also need
to understand that weapons and other objects that cause violence can cause
serious and life long injuries. All of this can be done by watching TV with
children and going through the show and telling them that the violence and
bad things that happen are fake. They should also ask the kids to think about
what would happen in real life if those things happened. Like would anyone
die or go to jail, or would anyone be sad?
The easiest and most simple way to keep children away from the media
violence is to teach them alternatives to violence( Yes I got that word from
the info). Parents should not be so quick to let their children just sit and
watch TV all day. They should get their children into some more productive
and exciting things to do. It is important for children to be given a lot of
support when they are dealing with violence. If they dont get that then they
might end up like one of the criminals that are in jail right now.

We are shown tons and tons of violence, brutality, and sexual
immortality( No I didnt make all of that up). When children, teenagers, and
adults do the things that they see on shows it is like they are playing a game
of follow the leader ( no) and no one wins. There are so many non violent
people in this world. That is because of education. So that means that we
should keep on teaching the younger kids about violence.

I didnt think that the info that I read was to bad. All the info I got
though was to negative. Myself I like watching those kinds of movies. The
other movies are just boring. Everything that I wrote was all true. The only
thing I didnt like is how they were bitching about how they werent changing
the rules or whatever about what to show on TV. But they pay thousands and
thousands of dollars to do that so I would just let it be. The info had a lot of
good stuff in it though. So my opinion on all this is a 7 on a scale from 1-10.

Committee on Communications vol. 95 No. 6 June 1995
Internet but not to much just a bunch of little stuff