Money is one of the tools of fate that the Coen brothers have used in the film. Most of the events in the film revolve around money and influences the fates of different characters (Elias 1). Moss who is a hunter and welder, leads a simple life with his wife but all this changes when he discovers the money in one of his hunting escapades. The money results to drastic changes in his life. A psychopathic killer who is determined to get the money hunts him; he also separates from his wife to protect her from the people after him. Wells also dies because of money. Chigurh had gone out of control and had become unreliablethus, the owner of the money hired Wellsto replace him and track the money. He is however, killed by Chigurh when they meet. Money also determines the fates on Chigurh and Wells. Chigurh receives payment to hunt down Moss and recover the money. Because of the payout, he is ready to risk his life and he even kills his employers just to retrieve the money and keep it to himself. Chigurh’s fate changes after he finally recovers the money and flees with it. Money also drew a line between the rich and the poor. The rich due to their wealth determined the fate of the poor such as Chigurh. Chigurh was a hit man meaning that he made a living out of killing people. The rich people who hired him to carry out the killings sealed his fate as a ruthless murderer (Elias 1). This makes him kill almost anyone he comes across in his quest to recover the money from Moss. After getting into an accident as he was fleeing, Chigurh paid off the witness to remain silent and for a shirt he took from him. Because of the payout, the man does not reveal what he saw to anyone and Chigurh gets to flee with the money.  In the film, Chigurh is a tool of fate. Chigurh who is a psychopathic killer receives a job offer to retrieve the money from Moss at all costs (Elias 1). During his hunt for Moss, he determines the fate of several people by murdering them in cold blood. I.e. he murders the Mexicans who were also hunting Moss for the money; he kills Wells who was his replacement for the job. In the film, we also see Chigurh tossing the coin to determine whether to kill the man in the gas station or not. He also approaches Carla with the suggestion of the game however she refuses to participate and tells him that she was aware that it was his choice to either kill her or let her live. The air gun is another tool for fate in the film. In the film, Chigurh uses an air gun to kill his victims. The air powered bolt gun is among the tools used in slaughterhouses to kill the cattle quickly and effectively (Elias 1). Chigurh uses this weapon to evade the cops since it leaves no evidence behind that could link the crime to him. Chigurh had killed so many people and preferred this weapon as it delivered quick deaths to the victims. He also used it to break into people’s houses i.e. he used it to burst the locks at Moss’s hotel room and other places. Chigurh was psychopathic and his use of this weapon proved that he did not value human life at all The movie depicts the air gun as a tool that decided the fate of many characters in the film especially Chigurh’s victims. Trucks have been widely used in the film by the writer as a tool of fate. In the beginning of the movie when Moss was heading back to give the injured Mexican water, two men in a truck pursued him (Ebert 1). This interaction between moss and the men in truck forced him to leave his home and send his wife away. The truck in this instance was the first thing that determined Moss’s fate (Elias 1). In the film, Moss also discovered a truck that contained heroin in the scene of the murders. Drug dealers used the trucks to transport heroin from one location to another. The Heroin in the trucks determined the fate of the people who Moss found dead at the scene, after a drug deal had gone wrong (Elias 1). The tracker placed in the bag containing the $2million was a tool for fate (Ebert 1). This is because it sealed the fate of anyone who stole the money as it made it easy for the owner of the money to easily track and kill anyone who stole the money. After the incident with the two men in the truck, the owner of the money hired Chigurh to track Moss and recover the money. The tracker almost got Moss killed twice as Chigurh tracked him to his hiding places. The tracker put Moss in Chigurh’s radar and because of this; he was always on the run since his life was in great danger (Elias 1).