Most parents have trouble trying to
find the right school for their children. Some don’t know which one to send
their children too. When doing so the major debate is: Private school vs.
Public school. I believe that Private Schools are better than Public for many
reasons. But the main reason is because of academics. Only 85.3% of Princeton
High Schools Senior Class graduated in four years. 90.9% of their senior class
graduated within five years (Education of Ohio). The Education of Ohio Board
gave Princeton a F in Gap Closing, Progress, Prepared for Success. A C in K-3
Literacy Graduation Rate, and a D in achievement. (, Education of Ohio)

to an article on CCN parents decide to send their children to private school so
that their children will be more successful in life. Public school does not
prepare their students well enough to be successful in life.  Lyz Lenz lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She
told a CNN reporter that she sends her kids to private school. She stated that
a lot of times she gets judged for sending her kids to private school. Lyz said
this in a CNN article, “We do want our kids to be in a place where we hope they
can thrive and not maybe be held back by disciplinary issues or other things.” (Lyz
Lenz, interviewed by CNN reporter Kelly Wallace) 

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that send their kids to private schools want their kids to be given more opportunities.
At public schools they won’t be given as many opportunities and resources.
Public schools have bigger class numbers than private This makes it difficult
for the kids who need more help to get help. In a smaller class its easier to
get one on one time with the teachers. The teachers at private schools are more
helpful, welcoming, and caring at private schools. Private schools also have
higher expectations. For example, the maximum requirements for credits to graduate
is 23 at Princeton (, Education of Ohio). But at Mt. Notre Dame you
will finish with at least 25. Private schools have stricter rules, higher
expectations, and challenges.

is one major difference between private and public schools: the diversity. For
example, Princeton has more minorities than Mt. Notre Dame. This is because no
as many minorities can afford to pay for private school. Some send their kid to
public school so that their kids can get a taste of the real world. People
complain about the cost of private school. Its true that public schools are
more divorce than private schools. But when you send your kids to private
schools your paying for a better education. And when doing so you get a better

private schools are better than public. Private is more disciplined and your
child gets more opportunities to be successful. So, when deciding where to send
your child for school choose private.