One theme involves revenge. One’s bad side is brought out by the
evil effects of revenge. Madame Defarge is the main subject of this
implicit theme. She turns into a killing machine because she must get
revenge. An example of this is when she finds out Charles Darnay is an
Evermonde and is going to marry Lucie Manette. She knits Darnay’s name
into the death register. Another key theme in the novel has to do with
courage and sacrifice. There were many sacrifices in this novel by
many different characters. The ultimate sacrifice was made by Sydney
Carton. Because of his love for Lucie and his friendship with Darnay,
Carton is the example of one of the most important themes implied in
this book. Carton helps others, and does not think so much of himself.
Right before going to the guillotine, Carton sees a better world, a
world where he gave to others, not thinking
of himself. These themes help outline an interesting story