My aspiration to be an
entrepreneur began in early stage of my life. In today’s era of globalization
it is necessity to have a broad outlook in International business and its
relationship with culture and consumer. I believe management includes meticulous
planning, execution of work precisely and controlling towards sustainability
for both betterment of mankind and environment. My vision is to establish a
globally recognized brand in textile sector. UK possessing a great
multi-cultural and commercial expertise with higher technological and
scientific advancement and its revolution in manufacture and commerce. For
these reasons I hope to master and harness such skill and knowledge from
world’s leading reputed faculty and research facility.

My Inspiration to pursue
management was greatly influenced by my father an entrepreneur himself. His
motivation and dedication to build an empire from scratch has thought me great
values. As a little boy I was always fascinated by the humongous spinning
machineries, it never failed to impress me each time I visit my father’s firm.
The amount of effort and process that is done just to produce yarn out of
cotton has always left me curious and intrigued about manufacturing and
innovation technology in textiles this led me to do my bachelor’s degree in textile
technology from kumaraguru college of technology Coimbatore.

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Over the years, My education has
thought me to resolve the problem with patience, develop good relationship and
most importantly self-reflection and growth. As I am filled with curiosity to
learn and my desire to gain knowledge has exposed me to frequent public
speaking which helped me to build my leadership and communication skills. I
believe I am an natural leader and I hope to enhance and Improve such traits to
achieve my dream and bring positive effect of mutual growth both in workplace
and society. As an elected secretary of my department association (textile) I
have experiences in organizing various events such as national level events and
international conferences. My technical knowledge in textile has also helped me
to acknowledge, learn and present paper presentation in various colleges.