My story was about a ten year old girl named, Nujood, who was forced and sold into a marriage with a man many years older than her. The marriage was arranged by Nujood’s father. Her father did this because Nujood’s family was very poor, and needed money.  They sold Nujood to become wealthier. This story explains the pain and struggle Nujood had to go through to get a divorce and live happily again. I chose to read about this topic because it isn’t something a lot of people know about or isn’t a popular topic with history. I also chose to read about this topic because I didn’t know much about youth marriage happening, and once I heard about this topic, I wanted to learn more. The author wrote this book to inform others about what is going on in the world and how some girls aren’t going to school, and how some are illiterate. This book is also teaching others to be grateful for what you have and to be grateful that you can go to school, learn how to read and write, and get a job in the future. I think one of the most exciting chapters of the book was Chapter 7: The Divorce. I think this was very exciting because I wanted to see if her divorce would go through, would her husband go to jail, would her dad go to jail? There were so many questions I had, and once that chapter was over, the book proved that there can be light at the end of the tunnel. Another chapter that was very exciting was Chapter 6: Running Away. I think this chapter was exciting because every sentence was like a cliffhanger, and I hoped for the best for her because she needed this divorce to be a happy and normal girl again. If she didn’t do one particular thing, the whole book would be different. Nujood’s thinking and movements were very smart, and because of that common sense, she got what she wanted. The last chapter I thought was exciting for me and Nujood’s family was Chapter 10: The Return of Fares. I thought this was an exciting chapter because I have heard stories in the book about how Fares ran away for a better life.  Nujood’s family thought that Fares(one of Nujood’s brothers)would be gone forever and never return. Once he came back and explained why he ran away, the family felt happily that he was back, but sad about what happened in the past. One new fact I learned about from the book was that all married women have to wear a niqab to cover their faces from other men who might be interested. Before I read this book, I thought all women had to wear these niqab. Another new fact I learned about from the book was that girls were sold to be married, and I also learned that the fathers of these girls do this to earn money from the husband. Before I read this, I thought that the father just arranges the girl to be married without money involved. A compliment about the book I have is that I liked how very detailed the author was being about Nujood’s story, and how she made many of the chapters ending with a cliffhanger. Also, I liked  how the mood in the book changed very quickly at times. A suggestion I have about the book is that I think the author could say how and where her life is going today, and how she is coping with her past today. I would recommend this book to others because this is a topic that not many people know about, and learning about this would help other readers understand that they should take what they have for granted. This is because in others countries girls and boys are still illiterate. My overall rating of this book is a 5 star rating. This is because the book showed very carefully how Nujood’s life was before, during, and after her marriage. This book also teaches about things that you didn’t know were going on in other countries. This book finally taught me how to be thankful that I grew up in a country with schooling. I hope other readers choose to read this book to teach themselves about nonfiction topics.