Name AhmedClass2Nonfiction Book Project TemplateTitle of the Book, author, copyright and publisherTitle-Venomous ReptilesAuthor-Sherman A.Minton,Jr., and Madge Rutherford MintonCopyright-1969 Sherman A. Minton,Jr.,And Madge R. MintonPublisher-Charles Scribner’s SonsExplanation of why this container represents your book. Please be specific.My container represents my book because my book is about snakes and different types of snakes.I thought since I am making a container to hold info about snakes, why not try to make a snake habitat with fake grass and rocks.This container represents my book because snakes have to live somewhere and they live in the wild.It shows representation of my book because my book talks about snakes and like the location their most found in but not exactly where unless it is a special type of snake that lives a certain place.I decorated the inside of the container because I chose a box and i wanted my project to look like a place where a snake lived.Five simple questions and answers (1 – 2 sentence answers)Easier questions with answers that are obvious simply by reading the bookPage #Q1 What is something all reptiles have and what is something they do?3A1 All reptiles have scales or horny plates,and those with well developed limbs have toes that end in claws.All reptiles breathe by lungs throughout their life.Q2 Where are sea snakes most commonly found?14A2 Sea snakes are most commonly found in both Asian and Australian waters but with a few species ranging out into the Oceania.Q3 Why are rattlesnakes both one of the longest and shorts snakes?17A3 Because the exceptional specimens of the eastern diamondback are 7-8 ft while the one of the smallest species of the Mexican mountain seldom are 20 in.Q4 What is the Maximum amount of venom a snake could preduce?33A4 The maximum amount even a large snake could produce is rarely over 5 cubic centimeters.Q5 What is the highest recorded death rate?When and where was it?69A5 The highest recorded death rate was 31 to 37 deaths per 100,000.It was along the Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers between 1936 and 1940.5 Harder questions and answers typed (paragraph answers)Harder questions with answers that require more thinking, interpretation, and or combining of information from the book (paragraph answers 5 + lines of text).     Q1What was the Elazar Kochva experiment and why did he do it.A1Elazar Kochva’s experiment was that he had vipers bite in to dead mice to measure the amount of venom they used.He repeatedly did that with 20 vipers.The mice he used were weighed before and after each bite.After several bites he drained the vipers venom to find a surprising conclusion.He found out that the vipers almost never used all there venom.Elazar did that to prove or change the thought the vipers used all there venom in each bite.He wanted to get a conclusion on that because in all viper bite cases the amount of venom used in always unknown.Scientist were suspecting that when a person was bitten but didn’t have any symptoms that their was just a malfunction.But one thing he found unusual was that the snakes almost never use more than 50% of their venom supply.He discovered there average use was 11%.The reason I say almost was that one of his snakes struck 22 times and used up his venom every single time while anotherQ2Why do smaller snakes take a defensive stand against king snakes?A2King snakes are one of the most feared type of snakes.They wil attack other snakes.They don’t care if your venomous or if you just a little baby snake.If they see you, they will indeed attack.They inhabit the southern ? of the United States.The reason they can attack venomous snakes is that they are know to be immune to venom.Rattle snakes take a defensive stand when they see king snakes but the king snakes just comes up to it and violently slams the middle portion of the rattlesnake.The rattlesnake decides to bit but it doesn’t work.The only way king snakes can be killed is by massive injections of pit-viper venom.Q3What was the tactic borrowed from Snakes?A3The tactic that was borrowed from snakes was using poisoned arrows and darts in wars and battles.They are made with the venom of some of the most venomous snakes.A 1941 symposium pointed out that the arrows are most commonly used in Africa,Asia and South America.But as you know they were mostly likely used at least one everywhere in the world.The Ipoh of the Semang of Malaya is one of the most effective poisons.The usually caught the venom buy causing the snake to bite something and then draining that.Many of the places that used the poisoned arrows mixed the venom with something else but in east Bengal, the arrows were tied to wadding that was soaked in cobra venom.Q4Which snake do you think is the least deadly to humans?A4I think the least deadly snake is the King Snake because while it attacks other snakes like rattlesnakes it is a protector for humans.It protects human against venoms snakes.If it sees a venomous snake it will go after it.They only time it goes after a human is when it feels threatened and it’s trick of rattling its tail like a rattle snake doesn’t work.Even if a king snake attack you their venom is not deadly to humans.It will hurt a lot but you should survive.I think the King cobra is the least deadly because it protects humans and they can’t really hurt us.Q5What is the book about?A5My Book is about many different types of snakes.It talks about where they usually are and how they react to each other.It tells us about how a snake deals with humans and which snakes are the least likely to hurt humans.It tells us about the snakes venom and how it compares to other snakes.It also tells us which snakes venom is the most deadly and the least dedly.It tells us any weapons that have been made with snake venom and how doctor help snake bites.It tells many tribal customs and how they use a certain snake in specific areas.This book is about snakes and what their lives are and what they do.A ten word glossary of unfamiliar words from the book and a short definition for each word.  Each word must be defined in your own words.  Each word must be used in a new meaningful sentence. Page #1DefinitionProlonged-Lengthy or longer than expected10SentenceI am in a prolonged shooting slump since I haven’t played basketball in a month. 2DefinitionExemplified-Example of (showing your best)17SentenceMy language Arts paper exemplified my best work.3DefinitionSubcutaneous-Put or placed under the skin and left their.29SentenceWhen you get a shot they subcutaneous the needle so the medicine can get in your system.4DefinitionTransient-short term or temporary55SentenceSome of snakes venom cause only has transient injuries.5DefinitionInebriated-Drunk or an individual who has consumed to much alcohol62SentenceThere should never be inebriated people on the road.6DefinitionDysentery-Infectious disease of intestines that causes a really bad case of diarrhea.Deadly if you don’t seek help from a medical professional 63SentenceI would never want to get dysentery because it is an incredibly deadly disease.7DefinitionNocturnal-Anyone or anything that is extremely active during the night but rests during the day.71SentenceI am not nocturnal because i am active during the day counter to a bat which is active during the night.8DefinitionIndolent-Someone or something who is inactive or doesn’t like to move around and just prefers staying put.138SentenceThe customer service was horrible because the worker was indolent.9DefinitionDisdainful-Doesn’t care about anyone or anything, thinks there better than others146SentenceThe disdainful manager was rude to his workers10DefinitionErroneous-Mistake or not correct152SentenceI got some many erroneous answers on the quiz I took last week.Items and detailed explanation of how each item related to the given statements. (minimum of three lines of text)One item that explains what you know about the author.Item isA brainExplanationI chose a brain because the other is incredibly knowledgeable.He is knowledgeable because he knows alot about almost every snake.You have to be knowledgeable to write everything about snake from where they are to how toxic or powerful their venom is.He talks about snakes in a way only people that have a lot of info on them couldItem(s) that help summarize the book.Item isImage group of SnakesExplanationI chose an image of group of snakes because my book is about all the different types of snakes.It talks about what they do, where they are and how they affect humans.It relates to the image with a bunch of snakes on it because it has a bunch of snakes on it and that is basically what my book talks about.My book talks about all different kinds of snakes so that why i chose an image with a bunch of snakes.One item that explains how the book relates to biology.Item isHuman Body Parts(Heart and Lungs)ExplanationThese body parts relates to biology because my book talks about how the venoms affect the body.It says the king-cobra venom kills by directly affecting the vital functions of breathing and heartbeat with almost no effect on tissue around the injection.This is related to biology because biology is the study of living organisms and their behavior and interaction.This shows how the venom interacts with the human body and effect the heart and lungs but doesn’t mess with tissue.Item(s) related to the new things you learned.Item isTape measureExplanationI chose the tape because it measures distance and most people bitten by snakes in the US are within a mile of their homes.I learned about this just now and it was quite a shock.I would think it would be people that go out in the woods.I chose the tape measurer because it measure distance and a mile is distance.It relates because they are both distances humans are used to and a mile isn’t that far if you consider it.One item related to what you found most interesting in the book.Item isHuman BodyExplanationWhat I found interesting was that there was a tennessee farmer named George hensley who died because of a rattlesnake bite. And what I found interesting about that was that he claimed to have survived 400 earlier snake bites. I chose human body because when you get bit by a snake they have to gite you and they bit him on his body. This relates because George got bit multiple times and he never got affected until he died.This relates because Snakes can bite you anywhere on your body.I chose the body because we don’t know exactly where george was bit.Item(s) that reflect the main theme/character(s) of the book.Item isSnakeExplanationI chose a snake because my book is based on snakes and everything about them.I chose it because my book talks about a lot of different snakes and where they stay.It talks about there bones and the major groups.Snakes are the major idea in my book and that why snakes represents my book best. Snakes are the theme and character in my book because that all they talk about.It talks about the different types and what they are known for.