Nowadays telecommunications and electronics systems have a significant role in people life. Almost
those systems expanded in all around the world and many people uses these
technology in daily life. Most communications and electronics devices use
software defined radio technology. Ability of software changing and flexibility
this system more enough to which communications system affiliation to hardware
defunct and gives flexibility to systems for compatibility with multimedia
services on receiver. Structural configuration and system programming is easy
and without hardware changing.  What is
software defined radio? E-systems company is used Phrase “software radio” first
time in 1988. First software sender and receiver created in Germany aerospace
center in 1988. SDR not limited to general purpose applications. Nowadays it
can be argued that almost all the branches of armatures and professional
technology industry has penetrated telecommunications and electronics. There is
no doubt that today the construction of modern telecommunications system only
in context of “Software Radio” is possible. In fact, the receiver and transmitter
of this system should be made based on software radio technology. In software
radio, software must first have received signal by an analog to digital
converter, was converted from analog to digital. After that all processes
including modulation, demodulation should be in digital form. The digital
processor is responsible for function that previously were done by analog. The
purpose of designing a system SDR-based, reducing the necessary components in
the RF antenna to digital processor, thereby further communication processes
performed by digital processor. One of the most important topics in software
radio systems, the smaller dimensions of the system. Of course, other important
parameters such as current consumption and cost at the same time are very