One of Center of Disease Control’s
main concerns is making the prevention of unplanned teen pregnancies a priority.
They believe that with the necessary resources, tools, and education this
epidemic can be a victory win for everyone in the U.S. They want to tackle and addresses
why teen pregnancy has a negative connotation. The skills set, beliefs, knowledge,
and attitudes regarding pregnant adolescents needs to shifts. As a nation, the
goals of pregnancy prevention should include:

Overall decrease of pregnancies among
female teens

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Prevention of early start of sexual

Increase use of safety precautions, such
as birth control, condoms, depo shot, etc.

Data from sex education
and HIV prevention programs suggest that it achieves all of the above objectives,
including consequences of incorrect and inconsistent use or contraception (Guttmacher
Institute, 2013). This is called Comprehensive sex education, which teaches
about abstinence as the best method for avoiding STDs, STIs, HIV and unintended
pregnancy. This sex education program helps boost the self-esteem of these
young adults. It goes over skills that helps teenagers find themselves by
exploring what they want in life, the resources they have available to them to
accomplish it; and the support system that is provided within the program.

For those states,
schools, and parents who don’t want their children to participate in sex
education or want to only discuss abstinence there is a program for them. It is
called, Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage or Risk Avoidance, (Culp-Ressler, 2012).
For those that have their own personal or religious beliefs thinks that this is
the safest, morally correct choice for their families to acknowledge. Most of
the information and data about preventative methods like contraception is
censored since that is displayed as promoting sexual activity. Although, I can
understand not exposing kids at an early age but in reality kids know way more
than we think. They have every piece of information accessible to them with
just technology. I would rather give correct information to prevent anything
that might happen and open the lines of communication for any questions.
Statistics say that unplanned pregnancies decreased by fifty percent by teens
who receive a comprehensive education about sex that are abstinence-only or
contraception-only programs (Furstenburg, 2010).