There is a Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs to decide all important matters relating to defence. The Defence Minister is responsible to parliament for all matters relating to the defence services.

The Ministry of Defence and the Headquarters of three services exercise all operational and administrative control over the Armed Forces. The three services function under their respective Chiefs of the Staff.

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The Organisation of Three Services

The Army:

The Indian Army is organised into six Commands- Western, Eastern, Northern, Southern, Central and Army training command. Each Command is under a General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the rank of a Lieutenant-General. The Commands are further sub-divided into Areas and Sub-Areas. An Area is commanded by a General Officer Commanding of the rank of Major General and a Sub-Area by a Brigadier.

The Indian Army is the oldest among three services. It holds the distinction of being the fourth largest Army in the world. It defends the territorial integrity of India both in peace and wartimes. It has also earned name and fame at the International level by playing an important role in the peace keeping missions of the United Nations.

Commissioned Ranks in the Army :

(From top) Field Marshal, General, Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant.

The Navy:

The Indian Navy is organised into three Commands- Western Naval Command, Eastern Naval Command and Southern Naval Command. It has two Fleets- the Western Fleet and Eastern Fleet.

The Indian Navy is the Seventh largest Navy in the world. Like the Army, the Indian Navy performs its duty both in peace and war times.

Commissioned Ranks in the Indian Navy :

(From Top) Admiral of the Fleet, Admiral, Vice-Admiral, Rear-Admiral, Commodore, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant, Sub-Lieutenant, Acting Sub-Lieutenant.

The Indian Air Force:

The Indian Force is organised into Seven Commands- Western Air Command. Central Air Command, Eastern Air Command, Training Command, South Western Command and Southern Command.

The Indian Air force is the Fifth largest Air Force in the world. It is the youngest among the three services. It is the most sophisticated among the services.

Commissioned Rank in the Indian Air Force :

(From Top) Marshal of the Air Force, Air Chief Marshal. Air Marshal, Air Vice-Marshal, Air Commodore, Group Captain, Wing Commodore, Squadron Leader. Flight Lieutenant, Flying Officer and Pilot Officer.