Our company is a correctional facility that aims to refute the hypothesis
saying that the inherent personality traits of prisoners and guards are the
main cause of extremist behavior in prison.

In December 2009, and after the coup in Roumieh’s prison, Michel KANAAN
decided to open a correctional facility to help prisoners go through this hard
period of their lives.

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In March 2010, Michel met Ammar MOHANNA and elaborated his idea with many
additional thoughts.


As a correctional agency, we enforce secure custody of offenders and
rehabilitate them, for a safe Lebanon. The mission of the XXX is to protect the
community by securely holding persons who are condemned by the court and either
is considered as a threat to public safety or simply needs hope for a new life.
Using the latest technologies in the field of security, we assure both
employees and prisoners safety.


Unlike other institutes, we do not aim to be the best prison nationally,
but we aim to have the best graduate citizens. It is the vision of our jail to
provide quality service to the community and be recognized as the regional
leader among law enforcement agencies utilizing the latest in rehabilitation
methods, maintaining professional employees, and demonstrating innovation and operational

Our Guiding Principles:

• Our most astounding need is the security of people in general, staff, and
guilty parties through the most astounding level of expert execution

 • Our integrity may be over
reproach, as we are responsible to the general population, staff and wrongdoers

 • We adjust wrongdoer conduct most
importantly by demonstrating suitable conduct.

• We give and urge staff to search out circumstances that create or upgrade
proficient information, aptitudes, and capacities.

• We treat all representatives, the general population, and wrongdoers with
reasonableness, genuineness, thought, and respect while perceiving assorted

 • We engage our representatives to
viably play out their obligations to the best of their capacities through
preparing, trust, and cooperation.

• We take pride in keeping up the nature of our association through
execution, appearance, and training.

• We grasp proficient administration over individual want and give remedial
administrations, as proper, which will emphatically influence wrongdoer
administration and reentry.

•    We are touchy to the necessities
of wrongdoing casualties and their families and help them in individual

•    We display the most elevated
level of moral conduct, proficient perfection, quality, and capability in all
that we do.

•    We settle all circumstances, in
which the game-plan is in question, by failing in favor of security and open


Phases of imprisonment:

Imprisonment is divided into three phases: the reception, main and release
phase. The purpose of the reception phase is to help the detainee to integrate
into the prison life and to compile a resocialization program. In the main
phase, the means planned in the action plan will be implemented. The goal of
the release phase is to prepare the detainee for life after being released from

Education in prison:

General education is provided by the ministry of education. 

Concerning higher education, the international institute of Lebanon helps
us teach prisoners many technical skills. 

Basic education is available to prisoners in both Arabic and English.
Prisoners that were acquiring basic education based on a simplified curriculum
before imprisonment may continue their studies on the same bases.

A total of 196 prisoners acquired general education in prison in 2013.


As an NGO, we are a nonprofit organization that aims for social benefit.
But in a realistic view, we need money to achieve our mission and goals. So the
ministry of interior decided to give us a share of its budget.

We get a lot of donations aside governmental help, many of our graduates
give some generous donations in thank of our help.


All prisoners arriving in prison are subjected to an initial health check.
This will determine any illnesses a prisoner may have and enable prescription
of further treatment. All prisoners undergo a radiographic examination of the
lungs upon placement in prison and once a year, moving forward.