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The play, Hamlet was written about 1599-1601 by William Shakespeare and revolves around the story of a young prince Hamlet, who is summoned to Denmark from his school in Germany for his father’s funeral. He is shocked to find his mother remarried to his uncle Claudius after murdering his father and had seized the throne. The gosht of his father takes promise from him to revenge his death. The play involves different themes. It represent a story with bloody revenge of his father’s death. The theme of incest was present throughout the play and Hamlet and ghost allude it in conversations about Gertrude and Claudias. Hamlet acted mad in order to fool people and pretended to be harmless, but he was actually probing his father’s death and involvement of Claudius. In Hamlet Gender criticism is the predominant issue. Gertrude and Ophelia are shown as weak, and are often manipulated by the males in their lives.            Hamlet is suspicious about his mother as she remarried too quickly, which according to him means that she didn’t love his father. He thinks that women are dishonest and can cheat. Gertrude lost her respect in eyes of his son as he was disgusted with his mother’s impulse decision to marry Claudius. This initiated Hamlet’s sexiest view on women and made him believe that all women are flawed.
          Ophelia (beloved of Hamlet) lacks freewill and has no voice in decision making. She listens attentively to Polonius and Laertes and always agrees to whatever they say even if it may seem wrong. Her dad told her to stay away from Hamlet, but her brother Laertes physically leaves her once again to live in France. Polonius thinks that because he is a man he can control a girl’s life and treat her the way he likes. Polonius and Claudius uses Ophelia to spy on Hamlet. Because of sexual desire of Hamlet, Ophelia is let stressed and confused.
           “However, it isn’t just Hamlet and Polonius who are narrow-minded about women’s rights; all the men are”. Claudius orders the queen around despite of the fact that she made him king after marrying him. Hamlet basically tells his mom to shut up, and Laertes tells Ophelia that he has control over her mind. In order to gain Gertrude’s Hamlet said “Frailty, thy name is woman”, thus “Hamlet believes men are the epitome of stability and strength”.Hamlet’s attitude toward women is definitely biased, and his hatred for women originated from his repulsion at his mother’s marriage to Claudius, which he considers unjust to his dead father.
The feelings towards women for the entire play generalizes women  as frail and weak in character and moral. Gertrude must find another man to rule the kingdom instead of grieving for her dead husband. That man turns out to be her late husband’s brother, Claudius. Hamlet has no right to be angry with Queen because she remarried for the betterment of the kingdom, which according to Hamlet was unfair on the note that she cheated on his father. Hamlet’s attitude toward women reveals more about him and the men of his time being unjust to women. As a consequence of this hatred, Hamlet is not willing to trust women. He says that they are diplomatic and confusing. He even had the courage to say: “God hath given you one face, and you make yourselves another. You jig, you amble, and you lisp, and nickname God’s creatures, and make your wantonness your ignorance. Go to, I’ll no more on’t. It hath made me mad. I say we will have no more marriages. Those that are married already –all but one– shall live. The rest shall keep as they are. To a nunnery, go,” to Ophelia. This means that women are dishonest, and they should live in a nunnery, and should not remarry. Clearly, he is traumatized and acting mad after death of his father, and is through with all women. His way of dealing with his frustration appears extreme. 
As both women are illustrated as weak and are manipulated by males in the play, Shakespeare creates a sympathetic image of them as their death can be blamed on the main theme of gender inequality. 

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