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The future will definitely differ from the present, in many ways. In a world that is constantly changing, one of the most important aspects of mechanical engineering, is coming up with creative, new approaches and solutions. With my interest in science constantly expanding, it is important that I am able to adapt and evolve, as I continue to learn. 
Engineering is very much involved in human relations and in business commerce. We are responsible for our own image, and as engineers, we hold some level of influence over the developers or policies and the decision makers. Because of our many technological advancements, our world is becoming more and more interconnected, and Because of our influences, our values and attitudes are of the upmost importance in our careers. Engineers, by virtue of their knowledge and training, have the ability to be active participants in responding to the challenges that will arise. Issues such as globalization and climate change are very controversial. Globalization has been know to be a heavy topic of discussion. Globalization has the potential to decrease cost of production and reduce the cost of products that we buy. However, it may result in jobs moving to other countries where the working conditions are worse and environmental protection is less stringent. Climate change is very more than likely to transform the world. The rising sea levels, will result in flooded cities and climate refugees.  Preferably we would want to combat climate change, for not just ourselves, but for the future generations. Combatting climate change and its effects may result in fewer jobs for coal miners, but it would create more for wind turbine installers and contractors who build sea walls. This would be greatly important if protecting and saving lives in the grander sense. The jobs opened would make up for the jobs lost, in addition to protecting the well being of our future generations. Personally it would not seem smart not to try to combat climate change. Robots are not often brought up in a negative sense, however, when they are, they are presented as a threat to the job market, and Plastics are cheap and useful, but take a huge pollution toll on the environment. In facing any situation, it is important to consider both my professional ethics and my own personal morals. 
We must consider the ethical implications of our work. As many have their own set of mental undefined set of orals they apply to their work, I plan to tackle controversial issues like these in a series of steps. When considering an issue, the first I hold paramount is the health and safety of the public. I consider it part of my professional duty to hold. We must be able to consider how our actions may affect others, and act accordingly. For example, if any part of my work may risk someone’s life or property, I’ll tell my boss or whoever is in charge of the project. I present this step as the first because the steps following tend to fall under it. Following this, I  will make sure my decisions remain ethical, only do the work I know how to do, avoid deceptive acts, and conduct myself in a very honorable and responsible way. In addition to this, I would issue any of my public statements only in a completely honest way. I found that most, if not all, of these points were brought up with our guest speakers.
Some Engineers will simply defer to their bosses and focus on making a good living. Like most areas of work, it is believed that a profession is no better than it’s individual members, much like an artist’s portfolio is only as good as the worst piece in it. If they don’t have the attitude and properly follow the rules or the profession, they have no profession, and so, most professional engineers adopt more of of an institutional view of the profession.  Our ethics have become mostly technical. We work hard to prevent failures, but only when compared to what the systems are actually meant to do instead of how they could be used. Almost as though some engineers place morality where it has a smaller scope or is separate from their work. In a more general sense, confronting many of these I would work through my own set of questions. The first being, “is this unethical or illegal?”. If it’s ethically or legally wrong, I will not do it. Next, I begin to ask if the nation in question fall in line with my own values. I may end up talking the action over with other engineers or coworkers. The last question may or may not be much more personal.  It is, “would you feel bad doing it, and if you do, why?”. We as engineers have a bit more of a chance to simply leave a job if we do no want to do something. We cannot be afraid to talk the actions of questions over with each other. 

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