n australiBased on the current technology regarding power sources we believe that Australias total power usage should be divided between these four sources using the percentage specified (reasons why are listed below):
Nuclear Power 50%
Coal Power 25%
Solar Power 15%
Wind Power 10%
Nuclear should generate majority of the power because it is a reliable power source and unlike coal generators, it does not give off harmful emissions. Coal supplies are dwindling however, uranium is abundant in Australia and it will be cheaper for Australia to use its own supplies than to import coal. Toxic waste could be a slight problem but methods of storing it can be developed later.

The coal infrastructure is already in place so we should make use of it, but it does pollute the environment so that is why we should reduce the amount of operating plants. Doing this will reduce the amount of pollution that is released into the atmosphere. Coal power is also reliable.

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Solar should only generate 15% because it is not a reliable power source: the sun does not shine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in one spot. If the weather does change and the panels cant generate the power required the nuclear plant/s can fluctuate to cope with the power needs of the general population. Solar power uses an infinite resource so it is worthwhile making use of.

Wind farms should be used in conjunction with Solar plants as more power will be generated with the wind and sun combined. It is an environmentally friendly power source however it is very costly to set up therefore it should only produce 10% of the power needed. Depending on the farms location it can be quite reliable. It they are placed in the South Western corner of Australia (and off shore in that area) it will generate a decent amount of power as it is on the borderline of the Roaring Forties.