Preparing the employees

The very first step is deciding which employee
should be chosen for the oversea’sprogram . Employees who are shy in the
current office enviormnet may do very well in a forign place and those who u actually
expect to do well might not be able to handle the distance away from home and
the new environment. This makes it difficult and very important fr the HR team
to choose the righteemployee for the training.

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Companies usually give a lot of
importance to the language skills and overseas experience for this. They need
to pick a candidate who will not only be able to share their experience and knowledge
but will also give professional value to the company.

The company will only be able to reap
the benefits if they take good care of their employee even when they are overseas.
And communication plays a key role in making this happen.

To make sure the employee knows what
they are getting themselves into it would be good if the company send’s them
abroad to help them get a feel of their new home. By doing this they also get
to know what to expect in terms of the culture of the forign country.

The journry of the employye does not
start once they reach their destination . 
The employees need to start interacting with people who have been in
similar situations, they should be provided with post move support services and
be active on social networks and expact communites. Many cities offer ‘virtual’ tours online, for example, which may
help staff to acclimatise themselves.




Sending an employee overseas is a win
win situation. The individual helps to experience what life in a foreign land
feels like. It helps them gain a lot of knowledge, experience and skills and
this in turn helps the organization as the employee transfers all the gained knowledge
from on region to another. This creates a pool of experienced and talented

New skills

The first skill
any employee learns is language. For an expatrit learning a language
drastically enhances their experience of life inn the forign land, its helps
them become a part of the local life, embrace their culture and make new
friends.It will also help them in their work by allowing them to work mre
closely with the new local colleagues.


Moving to the new country


People often
feel that moving is the biggest challenge but the real challenge starts once
the person has to start settling down .

Relocating is
not easy epically if the employee is moving wit their family . Children’s
education , cultural differences, spousal employment and work life balance creates
a lot of stress in the employee.

A key factor is
the duration of their stay. If an employee intends to stay for long period of
timearound 4 to 6 years then they wouldn’t mind spending six months of their
time developing new relations and creating a circle of friends for themselves.
But if the employee intents to stay there for only for a few mnths or even a
year then they wouldn’t benefit from spending so much time in creating
relations with people.  

When it comes to
mployees with families , sometimes younger children are able to settle down
qickly in school and mae friends whie their mothers sturrgle to do the same and
start missing their home. And employees themselves mighthave established their
social circle at work but their parners struggle to do the same.

No matter how
good the employee feels about the posting, if their spuce is not doing well in
the new place it only leads to a failed posing.