problems. The job title has become very noted. On one of
the most heavily used employment site, the number of job postings for
“data scientist” inclined was more than 100 percent between January
2010 and July 2012. Existence of data scientists helps the companies to make
stronger and smarter business decision.

  Amazon prime and Netflix data mines movie
interest patterns to analyze on what movie cards a user is interested in, and then
uses all the information to predict and generate the movie lists.

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Targets features i.e.,
what are major range of customer within its base and the unique shopping interests
within those group range. This helps them in guiding to message to different
market group of audiences.

Gamble and proctor
utilizes time series models to more lucidly and intelligibly stats future need,
which helps in planning for optimum production levels.

Amazon and Flipkart
uses recommendation engines for spotting the products, so that it can put the
product to remain in the user’s vision, using algorithms. Spotify uses algorithms
to recommend songs to the user.

Spam filter of Gmail
works with the algorithm for the junk mails and put accordingly the spam, junk
and not junk mails in the distinct folders.

 Self-driving cars uses computer vision that is
also data product- the machine learning code make it able to learn and alert
according to the pedestrian, traffic lights and cars on road etc. to obviate
accidents. These are the requisites for the professional industrial data scientists.

Mathematical  Expertise


Mining data and statically analyzing it,
is the main challenge for the data scientists to view the data through logical
and quantitative oculus. There are several attributes of data such as its delicacy,
dimension, and correlation in data that can be expressed graphically with some
mathematical applications. Finding panacea by going through the data and making
sense of that and predict the next audience target and strategy is bewildering
technique. The main solution for the business related problems involve
techniques based on hard math, where being able to view and understand intelligently
is another mechanism of those method and that is the key to success in building


Strong Business Astute


scientist playing major role is expected to be a shrewd, tactical and stalwart business analyzer. Working so hectic with company resources,
data scientists are implicated to learn from data in different process, which
other can’t do. That makes them perfect in observing the data and reflecting it
in a graphical or mathematical manner, and contribute to strategy on solving crux
business problems. This process establishment makes all the critical points
intelligible by data visualization. No data-puking – rather, presenting a very
clear shadow of data interpretation and solution, by using data visualization
as patronage pillars that lead to guidance.

Technology and


At the beginning,
it should be cleared that we are not talking about hacking as in making the
information as key by getting into computers. We’re referring to the technical
coder subculture meaning of hacking – i.e.,
creativity and inventive in using technical skills to create or generate things
and finding tactical solutions to problems as expressed in Fig. 1.



I.     Pandas


Pandas is a BSD-licensed,
open source library providing efficient and effective-staging, easy to handle
data structure, algorithms and data analysis tools for the Python programming language. Pandas is a NumFOCUS sponsored
project. The success of development of pandas library is ensured by this
library as a world-class open-source project, and make it possible to give it
for free to world. Less for the data analyzing and modeling but for big data manipulation
and preparation Python has long been great and known. Pandas library
provides the function implementation in filling this vacuum, enabling the user to
proceed ahead for the data manipulation and visualization without aiming for one
other domain like R Programming language.

Aggregated and
gathered together with the adroit IPython  toolkit
and the modules, the domain for working in data implementation in Python make
superior in staging, strategic productivity and possibility to aggregate. Pandas does not provide
significant data modeling and operating on programs outside of linear and panel
regression; for this, look to stats models and scikit-learn. More work is still needed to make Python an
outstandingly brilliant class statistical modeling environment, but at present
it is well on its way toward the goal.


a.       Installation


optimum solution for installing the pandas on system is the command:

conda install pandas


Also can be installed from the PyPI where it has been    uploaded using the command:


pip install pandas


b.       Specifications and library highlights


Tools for
writing and
reading information between different formats like Microsoft Excel, CSV and
text files, SQL databases, and the fast HDF5 format are Intelligent data alignment and integrated handling of missing gaped data: gain automated high
label-based alignment in computational techs and easily influence messy data
into an orderly and structured manner, staunch label-based slicing, fancy indexing, and sub
setting of cosmic data sets, classic performance collaboration and attaching of info
sets. Python with pandas is
used in a broad and distinct variety of academic and commercial domains, including Finance, Advertising, Web Analytics, Economics,
Neuroscience, Statistics and many more.


II.    seaborn


Seaborn is a Python interactive
visualization library based on matplotlib. It provides a high-level interface
for drawing attractive and user friendly interactive statistical graphics. Many built-in structures for styling matplotlib module’s graphics are applicable.
Tools exist for choosing color palettes to make different viewing plots that reveal patterns in
your information provided. High-level abstractions for manipulating patterns
and grids of plots that let you easily build complex modeling and visualization exist. Seaborn performs to aim at production visualization
a central part of exploring and understanding data. Seaborn provokes the plot
to be user interactive, productive and intelligible with lesser text and more
distinct color palettes for better understanding. Matplotlib makes easy things
easy and difficult things possible to interpret but seaborn make a well
structured set o difficult things easy too. Seaborn provides us c