but are they? Using the famous quote “The grand essentials in life are something to do, something to love
and something to hope for .” I will show you Even though the cultures are totally
different at first look , when you get a little closer the wants and needs are
the same. When you look at the three basic wants and needs you will see that
each religion helps fulfill these needs , whether it be through gods myths
messiahs temples or just going to church.

Finding Something to has been a life long problem for man kind ever since
the first “human” walked the earth . Even now we find it hard to find something
do at all times. The Egyptians found that during the time of the flooding of the
Nile that they could build Great pyramids such as the one found at Giza for their
Pharaoh who was thought of as the son of Rae the god of the sun. They also built
many ornate and beautiful sculptures of gods such as Horus Osiris Anubis Seth
and Many other Gods. The Christians also spent much money and time making
Huge cathedrals in the middle ages such as Notre Dame and many others. They
also take one day of the week and show how much they love their God by going
to church.
Love is one of the deepest emotions that humans can show . Much of our
lives we spend looking for some one to love us and some one or something that
we can love. The Egyptians from the very beginning loved their gods and
goddesses. One of the most loved Gods was the god of the Nile . They thought
that every year that he would bring the waters of the Nile over it’s banks and he
would leave fertile silt on the fields for plentiful harvests until the next year. The
also adored the sun god Rae He was also thought as the King of the gods.
Another God they loved was Horus the son of Rae. Unlike the Egyptians the
Christians only have one god . He is the most loved thing to the Christian people
but not the only thing they love . In the ten commandments that Moses brought
down from the Mtns. From God it tells us that we should love thy neighbor and
self . they also love Jesus.

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Hope is one of the most important things we need in our society . The
ancient Egyptians hope for eternal life in the after world with the god of the after
life. The hope for everlasting life came from the story of Osiris. Osiris was the first
king of Egypt and was loved by all . his evil brother was very jealous and decided
to dispose of him by cutting his body into 14 pieces. The wife of Osiris Isis was so
upset by this that she searched along the Nile until she found all the pieces . The
sun god Rae felt pity for the young woman and decided to send down Anubis the
jackal headed god of embalming to help Isis preserve the body and to bring it into
the afterlife where Osiris would live forever as the king of the after life. The
Egyptians prepared themselves by burying everything that they would need in the
after life with their dead bodies. The Christians hope for Life after death much like
the Egyptians did . The y believe that they would live in eternal peace for ever in
heaven . The story of eternal life is much the same as the Egyptians . When the
Romans Killed Jesus the son of God his mother and another woman buried him
in a cave near where he died. 2 Days later Jesus was resurrected by god for one
last journey before he joined god and became god’s right hand man in heaven.

Even though the Christen and Egyptian religions were very different way
very basic things that religion was ment for such as hope love and something to
are brought to the people by these two religions. I hope that after reading this
that you have more of an understanding for the way that these two religions are
run and how similar they are to one another.