Rhys Panopio

January 13, 2018

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Martian Book Summary

The book The
Martian is about a Ares 3 astronaut named Mark Watney, the mission Ares 3 had
to be evacuated from Mars after a severe dust storm which in the wait of the
chaos Watney got stabbed with a part of a satellite, then to the crews
displeasing they were unable to find him.

the rest of the Ares 3 crew left the surface of Mars Watney woke up to the obnoxious
sound of his oxygen alarm he figured out he had been stabbed by a satellite
piece and had been saved by his clotting blood which closed the hole in his
suit. Then he gets to the HAB (The Ares 3 crew’s temporary home. Then once he
got inside he fixes up his sustained injuries then takes stock of his food
water and oxygen. Then he plans to ration his food till the next Martian
landing Ares 4. But water and oxygen are not a problem since he was machines
that reuse the CO2 and a water reclaimer so he’ll be fine with water and air
unless in the unfortunate situation his machines break.

Mark tries to get communication with NASA but cannot since the very satellite
that stabbed him was for communication to Earth.  But meanwhile at NASA they figure out Watney
is alive by looking at satellite images.

they discover that Mark is alive, NASA watches Mark intently. He can send them
messages with Martian rocks, yet they can’t converse with him. They look as he
drives to try to recover an old space probe called Pathfinder, which he takes
back to the HAB and continues to use to speak with NASA with the mounded
camera. At this point NASA discloses to Mark two things one is that it will take
4 years for another mission to come and save him second he will need to plant
food for the first time on Mars

Soon Marks starts to design his potato cultivation plan.
Sadly, he needs to develop years of nourishment on the worst planet for
agriculture. But Luckily, Watney is a botanist… what’s the chance he’s the one
left on Mars, then he continues to grow the first food ever on Mars. But
suddenly after a couple on sols (Solar Days) on Mars his airlock explodes from pressure
difference and all his plants die to his misfortune. When NASA figures out his
plants died they rushed a supply mission to Mars which failed at launch.

it seems there is no feasible way of Mark Watney getting rescued unless NASA does
something called the Rich Purnell Maneuver, which works by the following the
rest of the Ares 3 crew turning around and picking up Mark from space after he
launches from one of the Ares 4 pre-supplies. Then with the help of Pathfinder
NASA gives Mark some code to hack the rovers’ computer so it can communicate
with Earth with Pathfinder. That works… but after a few sols he fried
Pathfinder’s computers with a drill while optimizing his rover for the trip to
the Ares 4 landing sight. Then mark finishes him rover
modifications and takes off to go to the Ares 3 launch sight so he drives 1000
miles and gets there.

it is time for Mark to take off.  The
does not reach the height he needs to to connect with Ares 3. This lack of
altitude causes Mark to be far too far away from the Ares 3 vehicle for them to
be able to grab him. To combat this, the Ares 3 crew uses boosters meant for
landing to get close enough to Mark and they blow up the front of the ship and
let all the air out to slow themselves down. Then he and all 6 crew get home