Robotic Process Automation (RPA) served as an effective and compelling tool. By shifting much of these repetitive, manual duties from human to machine, CIMB has possessed the capacity to essentially decrease the requirement for the human association and indirectly affect everything from performance and efficiency levels to employee’s issues, cost and services.

Indeed, even the cautious individual can and will commit an error. Not to mention CIMB need to handle hundreds of individual in a day and each of the customers may have different needs. However, CIMB branch’s employee may prone to error when they are trying to offer prompt service to their customers. With RPA, the duty is performed mistake-free and more accurate, thus the problem of human error can be eliminated. Thereby, CIMB can decrease the time and costs associated with correcting human mistakes. With the approaching to mistake free, precise data from different sources would enhance the quality of analytics in the process. RPA can also reduce the potential of delay to complete the task.   Thereby, the higher quality of services is achieved due to higher satisfaction rates.

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In order to enhance quality and performance, CIMB is always looking for the experienced and talented employees that will provide quality services and a higher level of satisfaction to the client. However, this demand is costly as experienced experts’ required higher salary. In contrast, RPA can achieve the benefit of cost effective because RPA can reduce the operating cost. As indicated by industry statistic, RBA in operations is not as much as a large portion of the cost of a single unit of human resource. Some specific tasks can be done by RPA so CIMB can reduce the number of employees. By implemented RPA, CIMB can save the cost for overtime, medical and other expenses connected to employees.

Moreover, the benefit of increase productivity will also acquire by having RPA. Do not doubt, employees have to spend more time to complete a task than RPA. Try to think about it how long an employee will take to complete a web form? Even it just need a few minutes, a robot can shorten the time to a few seconds. As a result, RPA can reduce the processing period since it can complete a large amount of duty in a shorter period.

Today’s bank are facing increasing requirement from customer, so that bank would like to provide high quality services and customer experience at the lower costs. Robotic process automation is making it possible for CIMB to accomplish these objectives and gain competitive from now and in the future.