Rosa Parks was a very important figure in the Civil Rights Movement even though she really did not mean to be so important.  She basically just stood up for herself when she was tired of being treated wrongly just because of the color of her skin.   She refused a simple request by a bus driver to give up her seat on a bus after she had put in a long day of work.  Sometimes it only takes one person to stand up for herself to make other people take notice of how wrong things are.  Rosa’s had important qualities that made her special.  She was humble, hard-working and determined.  What made Rosa Parks humble has a lot to do with her background.  She was brought up during a time when black people were not treated fairly.  She had to learn how to read from her mother, and she went to a segregated school that did not have all the supplies that it would have had if it were a white school..  The white schools had transportation provided to them, but the segregated black school kids had to walk to school.  This made going to school even harder for them.  She had to quit school at a young age to take care of her sick grandmother.  So she did not have it easy as a young girl and she learned to be humble, but she knew she deserved better treatment and that it was not fair for her to be treated different just because she was not white. She was someone who was hare-working.  She went to school regularly until she was forced to quit in order to take care of her sick grandmother and then her sick mother.  She had to go to work at a factory in Montgomery.  She earned her high school diploma later which shows her commitment to education.  She co-founded the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for self-development.  Here she works with 11 to 17 year olds to help them understand the history of civil rights.  She worked for Congressman, John Conyers, and she also wrote an autobiography.  She was also a determined person.  She spent a lifetime of being treated different because she was black and she saw that separate but equal was still not fair.  She had to live with the daily frustrations of not having the same access to things.  She had to drink from separate water fountains, she had to go to school that did not have as many supplies, and she didn’t have access to the same libraries as white people.  She also showed that she was determined by joining the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (the NAACP) even th ough her husband didn’t think it was a safe thing for her to do.  He was worried that she wouldn’t be safe if she joined, but she did it anyway.  Her big move was when she refused to give up her seat to a white person.  She was willing to go to jail for this cause.  An what she did began the Montgomery Bus Boycott which was very important to help black Americans gain civil rights.  It was a brave move for her to be stand up for herself and be willing to get in legal trouble.  So many other people just did what was expected of them, but she stood up for herself.  Rosa Parks did so much for the advancement of black Americans with one small act of bravery.  She could have stopped there but she did not.  She used her experience on the bus along with her experiences living as a black American to continue making a difference for the rest of her life.  She work in the government.  She worked to help young people learn more about the Underground Railroad, and she wrote about her personal experiences so people would know where she was coming from.  All of these things together made her a person who made a difference in U.S. History.  She is someone worth admiring and remembering.  What she did on the bus was just a part of a very important legacy that changed things for many people.