Mid-way through the sixth Plan, the RLEGP was revamped. It started with the dual objective of expanding employment opportunities in the rural areas and providing sharper focus on the landless labour households which constitute the hardcore of the people below the poverty line.

Efforts are being made to implement a limited guarantee for providing 80 to 100 days employment to the landless labour households through this programme.

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In the seventh Plan an outlay of Rs. 1,250.81 crores has been provided for NREP in the Central Sector which will be matched equally by the states. An outlay of Rs. 1,743.78 crores has been provided in the seventh Plan for RLEGP which will be borne entirely by the Centre.

Based on the average wage of Rs. 8.61 per day as in 1984-85 and a wage material cost ratio of 50:50, a total employment of 1,445 million many days under NREP and 1,013 million many days under RLEGP is likely to be generated during the seventh Plan period at an average rate of around 290 million many days and 200 million man days per annum respectively.