English 10A, 6th Period
November 6, 2000
Johnny Got His Gun, Chapter 2
“Chapter 2” of Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo was quite boring to
read. It was all about Johnny’s younger days of life including his mother,
the hamburger man, Christmas, Shale City, snow, Lincoln Beechy, and Mr.

Hargraves. Again, his mother is mentioned greatly. I feel that Johnny and
his mother have a sturdy relationship. Johnny and his father tend to have
a normal father-son relationship. Upset, Johnny’s father liked Johnny’s
friends and even took them to see shows.

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Johnny’s father decided to leave their home city and enter WWI
through Romania. He died and America entered, along with Johnny. Johnny
thinks to himself about the war. “This was no war for you. This thing
wasn’t any of your business” (Trumbo, page 24). I assume that Johnny
regrets entering this war, as many war-injured people do. He had a choice,
even if he was drafted. And the text also states that he “…never really
knew what the fight was all about” (Trumbo, page 24). How can one fight a
fight without knowing what they’re fighting about?
Reading this chapter was extremely tedious. Yet, I still felt
compassion for this ill boy, Johnny, who has lost his father to war and may
potentially, lose his own life to war. If the author is trying to set a
mood in this chapter, he certainly failed (unless it was boredom).