With the know-how of life, you realize the fact that shoddier times teach you a lot. More significantly, worse things that ever strike you from behind meet you as some of the finest things in the future with better opportunities and push you in a better and enhanced direction.

Adversity is the best teacher- True or False?

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Often when I see people complaining over their adversities and continuous misfortunes, it disturbs me a lot. Basically, people get used to complaining about their troubled life. The time of realization comes when it is seen that human life is always burdened with adversities; emotional and physical.

Adversity teaches us tough realities of life in the simplest way. It can be beneficial to us in many ways. Bad times usually take our self satisfaction away. In this way, an individual can walk through good and bad times with the same capacity instead of going through the whole confusion over and over again.

The departure of complacency comes with a good fortune of self-control in every possible condition of life. The teacher teaches us to get to the bottom of our troubles without even getting emotionally attached with it.

In short, the circumstances should not alter your personality in any case. More importantly, no one can teach us to grip the worse times in the first go without being depressed. As time progresses, uninterrupted harsh conditions teach us the most excellent reasons to our brain which modify our frame of mind and future reactions.

No doubt that this teacher makes us pay a massive amount but in the end you realize that it was worth it. For some people, the profit isn’t worth the price given. Although, in the long run, in the race of perceiving good or bad fortunes, something happens to you that completely alters your personality.

Where were you? Why did you change? What matters is how good the change is. As per rule, a teacher never finalizes your result without your given shot. Same is the case with adversity. When hard luck strikes, it will not decide our destiny or future troubles, but it’s along to how we react when everything happens to us. Basically, it decides that how we act in response to varying times causing no harm to ourselves, emotionally or physically.

As everyone says, it’s just a phase. Adversity is one of the best teachers since it helps us how to grip our moods as well as balance ourselves in practical lives achieving steadiness and strength without getting additional burden.