Policies are formulated by political executives (Cabinet or Secretaries as the case may be) and once these policies are approved by the legislature, it is the duty of the civil servants to carry out wholeheartedly those policies.

The efficiency of government depends to a considerable extent upon the competence of the civil service. Efficiency is the chief motto of civil service. The more efficient the civil servants are the better is the government in its performance.

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The civil servants are organised in different manners in different countries. In the parliamentary form of government, the Cabinet Ministers are the top political executives who are responsible for formulation of policies.

In a presidential form of government the President and his Secretaries are the top political executives who help in formulation of policies. Civil service is organised in graded manner. It includes high officials, professionals, clerical, skilled and unskilled persons. The diagram below gives an over all picture of general organisations of civil service.