Social justice is “the way in which human rights are manifested in the everyday lives of people at every level of society”, it is the relation between the individual and society. It makes these things equal and obtainable to anyone without setting any type of restrictions based on race, sex, background, or income. For example, same sex partners cannot be denied to get married because they have the same right as a couple of the opposite sex. These issues can occur globally and socially and unequal distribution or unfair treatment causes any society to have these problems. The 1960’s Civil rights movement in the south was trying to set right a pretty big social injustice. This injustice was corrected by bills making segregation illegal. It made jobs open to anyone and it made the simplest thing like sitting and shopping in certain grocery stores or shops equal for everyone. This is not even limited to jobs or privileges. A Social Justice can be used among a group of people who has different backgrounds. “Social justice within education refers to promoting access, respect, and fairness in facilitating educational success and the overall well being of students (Sander et al., 2011). Access to resources, being treated with respect, and the application of fairness are at the cornerstone of social justice within an educational setting.” This basically what our school means by one child left behind. Saying that they are treating us all the same and we all get the same about of education and no less no matter the race or anything  It helps us grow as a whole and better our society. Some of the social justice issues today are abortion, gay marriage, LGBT adoption rights. “Really social justice begins at home, get your family, friends, and involved keep them informed and educated about social justice issues and human rights”. Befriend someone of a different race, religion or age to gain a better understanding of issues that are affecting them. Adopt a politician give advice or your opinion on what they should focus on. Support local organizations that fight for equality and basic human rights for all. Reclaim your community get to know your neighbors. Spread the word so others will know who is in demand of help.