Solar flares are violent Eruptions of plasma that come from the center of a sunspot. To be more exact, the center of the sun due to having immense concentration of Magnetic activity. The Solar Flares are known to go Kilometers up from the surface of the sun, Dwarfing the size of the Blue planet we call home, Earth being a Spec compare to cosmic Giant of a phenomenon. According to the website “Large flares release 10^25 Joules, or about the energy of a few million volcanic eruptions on the Earth” (2018). The Flares are known to disrupt radio transmissions and our atmosphere electricity. The aurora borealis is an example of these outburst from our closet star, being viewed to be beautiful, yet threatening to our life as we may know it. Coming to contact with earth, these flares cause other disturbances to our everyday living. As much as we would fear to believe these colossal amounts of energy do reach earth, are we in need to fear these outbursts? Luckily, we don’t have to worry, According to “Solar activity is indeed currently ramping up toward what is known as solar maximum…However, this same solar cycle has occurred over millennia so anyone over the age of 11 has already lived through such a solar maximum with no harm.” (Karen C fox,2013). Knowing this, we’ve come across these flares every decade or so and pose no actual threat to our living, however knowing that we are a civilization that is heavy focused in technology, and an ever-growing need for television, Gps, and other electronics these flares could cause some disruptions. What I’m talking about would be another phenomenon caused by the son called CME (Coronal mass ejections). CME’s are Electromagnetic burst that hit our planet and when they do, they are known to blow out transformers in power grids. Also, may collide with Satellites that orbit around our planet, disrupting the electronics on board.