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My ideal parents,
signified me at an early age that the ‘pursuit of excellence is the greatest
noble act one can do’, and this has imbibed me in all my accomplishments so far.
They paved a path to be a successful individual with overall thinking abilities
and to face day to day challenges. With great support and pursuit, I have made
a successful schooling not only in academics but also  an overall performer.

Right from my schooling,
I have always exhibited a high degree of competence and interest in Mathematics
and Physical sciences. It was with this motivation that I preferred Mathematics
and Physical sciences stream in my Pre-under graduate course to achieve greater
heights in all my scholastic pursuits with great interest.

With a strong
inspiration, I started preparing well for the nationwide competitive
examination in my 12th grade to enter into a premier organization of
my country, having high aim to be an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer.
I stepped towards achieving my goal by joining in one of the premier institute i.e.,
NIT Raipur, a renowned institution and one of the top 50 Engineering Colleges
of my country with lot of self satisfaction and admiration to fulfill my

NIT’s in India have
achieved prominence as the front runner in imparting quality engineering
education. The students joined here are very bright in their academics due to
the limited seats and high pursuit of competition among the best in the country
admitted through a nationwide common entrance exam.

I was introduced to
varied subjects in my first and second years of course with a fine blent of my
core subjects of interest, during which an overall theoretical basics have been
introduced.   To have a feel of practical exposure of my
basic interested subjects, I did my summer internship at sI3 indya Technologies,
the best training company in embedded systems and Robotics.  I was enthralled with embedded system usage
with practical applications such as LED designing, Display patterns etc. This
practical exposure had strengthened to comprehend how the subject is
synchronized with the industrial sector. 
This internship had tapped my hidden potentialities. The project is
being a group work, refined me the virtues of group coordination, interaction
along with team work that are essential in the present day work scenario.

After completion of my
internship, I got exposed to the latest trends and developments in the industry
and learnt that theoretical perception can be imagined with a practical
approach. As one should be a continuous learner, there are many adequate things
which one needs to learn to quench one’s thirst for knowledge .It was during
the third and final year we were introduced to the subjects relevant to
Electronics oriented with automation techniques, problem solving techniques
with high efficiency and effectiveness of strategic decision making.

These ideas and
techniques have imbedded a seed in my mind along with my Career Curriculum
enhanced knowledge in core subjects like Neural networks, Digital Signal
processing. It was these subjects which infused and instilled strong
inclination towards information management and computer programming, which
helped me to search for the relevant graduate area, where in I could find the
apt course as Management Information System (MIS).I aspire to pursue MS in Management Information Systems (MS-MIS)
because of my strong zeal in information technology and its applications to
business settings. I have experienced how the information systems can serve as
bridge between technology and business by supporting its planning, operations
and critical decision making. Through this MIS program I wish to refine my
skills and deliver technology driven business solutions for global
organizations to fulfill their strategic objectives.

The Zeal to update
knowledge in cutting edge technologies has lead me to attend National level
student symposium conducted at various premier institutions in different
states. I could get the opportunity to interact with the student fraternity and
faculty for sharing and refining the knowledge in emerging areas.

Apart from this I am
also the active participant and represented in sports events such as Cricket,
Badminton & Football both in intra and intercollegiate competitions. All
these activities have boosted my self confidence and inspiration to meet the
global challenges.

From the search and
interaction with my friends I came to know that University of Houston,
Clearlake fulfill my needs with the curriculum of yours which will foresee me
in the right path. Given a chance I am sure that my education in Masters will scale
my creative abilities to the peak, widen the horizons of knowledge and help me
to attain a milestone in my career. I assure you that my dedication, diligence
and my desire to excel would pave a path to fetch a remarkable contribution to
the University.