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29, 2017













every ICET graduate there are many things they all have in common that they
would like in a potential employer. They include environmental responsibility,
customer satisfaction, and high-quality products. This is why Stelco would be a
great employer, because they have all of these qualities. Stelco provides a
family work environment which creates an amazing work atmosphere for those who
don’t want their job just to be a dull, and tedious resource for money. Stelco
gives you great customer satisfaction, as well as the widespread production of
quality products that are necessary for some of today’s massive industries, and
the ability to do all of that while helping the environment.



it stands currently Stelco is one of the industry’s leading business’ when it
comes to environmental responsibility and enforcing environmental policies. One
of the largest examples of Stelco’s commitment to environmental responsibility took
place in 1980 when they pursued massive technological upgrades at the Hamilton
works, and Lake Erie works facilities. Their facility in Nanticoke was one of
the first of its kind and produced new environmental benchmarks for the steel
industry. More recently Stelco has shown it commitment to taking care of the
environment by entering a six-year Environmental Performance Agreement with the
Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, this includes the
creation of Community Liaison Committees. These purpose of these Community
Liaison Committees is to make the community aware of environmental improvements.

A few of Stelco’s recent Committee meetings have shown examples of environmental
responsibility such as presenting an overview of new management practices fugitive
dust in the winter, and an overview of a new wastewater treatment plant at the
Hamilton Works facility. For workers who want to make the world a better, and
cleaner place for the future, Stelco is the place to be.

Customer Satisfaction

is a company that provides the best quality to their customers as they are the
leading supplier of superior steel products in North America. Stelco has been
around for more than 100 years, and they have always been an innovator in the business
in order to always provide their customers with the best products. Stelco
started to separate themselves from the competition in 1967 when they opened a
research and development facility in Burlington. Shortly after this facility
was built Stelco engineers were developing industry firsts such as coil box
technology, the Stelform method of pipe production, and the Stelmax line of
high strength. Stelco has established formal quality assurance programs which observe
each phase of every operation at each facility to ensure that customers are receiving
the utmost quality of products. Stelco is constantly working on innovating new
ways to reach the utmost satisfaction for their customers and this is one of
the reasons why they are the leading supplier of steel products in all of North
America and a great job opportunity.

Quality Products

            Stelco produces many quality products for leading
industries such as automotive, energy, and construction. Stelco produces high
grade and high-performance steels for the needs of global automotive companies.

As expectations and demands rise from customers, Stelco meets those demands
with innovative steel advancements such as hot rolled steels. Stelco is one of
the top suppliers in the energy industry by supplying the line pipe and oil
country markets with hot rolled coils. Stelco uses their advanced steelmaking
facilities and a state of the art and innovative hot strip mill to provide
their hot rolled steels that meet the markets demands. Other energy related
products that Stelco provides is skelp which is a wrought steel that is used to
produce oil and natural gas well casing and tubing. Stelco is one of the
largest construction steel producers because they create steel that is structurally
sound for a number of different construction markets. Stelco provides
construction steel for the housing industry, local and national companies and business’,
and industrial applications. Their steel products fit the need of many markets
and industries which is why they focus highly on product quality. This high
standard of quality would create an outstanding job atmosphere because everyone
is always striving to achieve and create perfection.


conclusion, Stelco is a company that has amazing benefits for instrument tech
workers looking for employment. Firstly, it provides innovative environmental
standards that allow you to work in a facility that is working to provide us
and future generations live in a better world. Secondly, Stelco provides
customer satisfaction that will allow the company to positively grow and
creates a work place with positive feedback and appreciation. Finally, Stelco
produces top of the line quality products, this creates a workplace with high
standards that help employees to achieve their best and allow them to be proud
of the quality products that they are supplying to the community. With these
benefits that Stelco provides they are a top of the line company for an ICET
graduate seeking employment.