Sustainable development

          Sustainable Development can be a universal and
standardised process. The major problems to SD are degradation and depletion of
the natural resources, pollution, and hype in the quantity of emissions which
is near to the carrying capacity limits, and also the inequality from humans at
the local and universal levels. This inequality can be defined as the high
wealth and high poverty, and the form that assist inequalities. All the
activities by humans will be in accordance with the principles of Sustainable
development. The major three components are (1) economy, (2) ecosystem and (3)
human beings. Basically the transformation to a sustainable society needs
innovative technology. It is best possible when government give opportunities
for all the citizens to develop within the ecological limits. Even though
everyone knows what sustainability theoretically, they may not implement it in
the day today life. The best way to increase sustainability is Reduce, Reuse
and Recycle.

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Sustainability in day today

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

       These words have been for decades, and since
it is there for so long is the proof that it is truth. Therefore reducing the
waste is the most important point here. For example, drinking filtered water
instead of bottled water or using paper bags instead for plastic bags. This is what it is meant by reducing.

is also one of the best methods in sustainable development. It is not actually
using something that had seen good days. For example, instead of replacing the
tyre with a new one it can be reused.

It’s one of the best step or process in waste management. And it is
better to recycle the products and can be reused rather that disposing it
without any usage. So it is the best option.


wise purchasing decisions

    The products that we used to buy and use in our day
today life can lead to a sustainable lifestyle. By using the environment
friendly products for our uses it can lead to sustainable lifestyle. Being
green and clean is the best way to achieve it easily. Replace the chemicals that
have been used for cleaning purposes with natural or organic products.

    And it is all about the mindset of the
people that to buy the products which are more sustainable not only to the
environment but also to the society, which will always be a better choice and
it purely dependant on the quality of life.


our own food

      The best and quality food that can be obtained are
the one which we can grow since it won’t have any unwanted elements. And there
are many small and simple way in which we can improve the health and life which
will contribute to a more sustainable world or society. And growing our food
will make up more connected with the environment and also gives a motivation
for the sustainable use of the products. The things that we can do are reducing
the purchase of food/vegetables etc from outside. So that by making our own
things in our premises will be a sustainable development.

Life cycle approach

       Product chain management is the most
important part in the process of life cycle thinking. The main objective is to
get an overall idea about a products impact on the nature and humans. A life
cycle approach starts from the selection of raw 
material to the decommissioning of a product and the steps in between
are manufacturing, packaging, transport and distribution, installation and
maintenance. And this method describe about the consumers who prefer long
lasting products. And most of the people are prefer to repair the product
instead of buying new product and also willing to recycle once when the life of
the product ends. And they are also concerned about the waste from packaging of
the product. The integration of environmental aspects in product design and
development has been proposed by ISO 14062 and guidance on social
responsibility in ISO 26000.In electronics the supply chain management is very
difficult. And the more warrant period and repairing options increases or
promises the quality and durability of the product as well. And the consumers
are always ready to pay more if the supply chain is more transparent.

Advanced Consumerism

   The advanced consumers concentrate more on
purchasing the products which are eco labelled or eco friendly and they support
the pioneer companies. These types of the consumers are the consumers mainly
prefer organic foods which are produced naturally without use of fertilizers
and chemicals. These consumers are very much aware of the after effects of
using unsustainable products and its effects on the environment. And the name
eco friendly mainly refer to the production which use very limited amount of
liquid, power and raw materials. And these products take much care of the
emissions very well. The eco efficient products do not cause any problem to the
environment by producing any waste. So the advanced consumers mainly look for
the eco label on every product which shows how much the product is eco friendly
and how much it cares to the environment. These types of eco labels are also
applicable in the service industries too that it depicts how much environmental
friendly it is and which will guarantee the health of the consumers.


Health and community

  The health and community form and procedures
are mutually connected. So the changes in the lifestyle are very much needed
for the improvement of public health. These steps include the usage of eco
friendly products, providing healthy nutrition and stimulating the physical
activity. Basically the sustainability depends on the community in which
friends, family etc comes under this. This community fight against or prevent
the risk that threatens the health. Thus being the part of community is in the
state of well being, and hence it will be sustainably beneficial to the society
as well. So doing the things without causing any harm to the environment is by
doing the things sustainably which will care the environment pretty well. We
face many actions in our day today life which cause impact on the environment,
it have to be reduced.