Technology also is one of the impacts of globalization to Malaysia due to the fact technological advances occur rapidly and all over the international. All the company will pursue the new technology so that you can enhance their commercial enterprise. Take for example, licensing and joint ventures for multinational agencies are the approaches to switch of era in Malaysia.The use of recent invention of production the products which is ideal to growth the inner as a domestic product and external trade as an export. It expands the marketplace. Cheap and short suggest in transportation. The primary adjustments have occurred via transport technology which is faster air shipping that growth the tourism in Malaysia and paintings pressure have come to be worldwide generation usually is the important impact of the globalization, and technological innovation also part of promoting and speeding up globalization, it also used to commonly influencing paintings settings. In recent times the technological advances arise swiftly and all around the international, some of the industry has spoke back by using forming joint ventures, remote places studies and improvement agency and etc. All the new corporation will accelerate the sector technological innovation and assist them very own county expand to globalization and this interplay will hold. To ensure the technological innovation preserve taking place and without have an effect on the running putting, malasiya  attempt the satisfactory to globalization it. Examples transfer of generation via licensing, creation of recent commercial enterprise and additionally joint ventures. A lot of these interactions had been performed to improved the quantity of subsidiaries of the multinational agencies and feature created new strategic alliances.Inside the 20th century, which machines have increasing swiftly and replaced the abilities of people nowadays. In a manufacturing process wherein technology and generation are primary, knowledge and no longer ability defines the technique. Now in malasiya  maximum of the university personnel spend few hours in a day in front of the pc screens. They connected to their colleagues through internet offerings to find out their wishes.