Teenagers nowadays are involved in a multitude of social problems. Among them are teenage pregnancy, bullying and drug addiction.Teenage pregnancy is a prevalent issue among teenagers. For your information, teenagers are at that tender age where their minds are pumped full of hormones like testosterone or oestrogen. These particular hormones develop the male and female sexual characteristics. Thus you can imagine why teenagers are so inclined towards issues concerning sexual intercourse ect. Teenage pregnancy is also very common among teenage couples. Some lovebirds  have a strong urge to consummate their love as quick as possible, often through copulation. Without proper sex education or even birth control, the chances of getting pregnant is probable. The female might not need suffer through the torment and humiliation after finishing school if the male is willing to take responsibility, vice versa if the male is reluctant to do so.Bullying as we all know, is common among every age group, with the teenage phase topping other age group in terms of degree of seriousness. Through bullying, the mind and psyche of a teenager may be stimulated or pleasured, depending on the teenager’s mental health. Some teenagers may gain a sense of power through bullying and may continue to do so to exert his authority. This is a serious condition which should be prevented as victims of bullying have a high tendency to engage in bullying others themselves in order to release the pent up stress when he or she was the victim.Last but not least, teenagers are also inclined towards drug addiction. Some teenagers, bored with the mundane routine set by adults to follow, often seek methos to obtain a feeling of euphoria, a feeling which taking drugs provide. Some cases also show that teenagers are often coerced by the peers or seniors to partake in their “drug fest” or else they would be seen as a “pussy” or a weak and frail person. But what these teenagers don’t know is that, once drugs are introduced constantly into the body, body will naturally become addicted to said drugs. If a dosage of the drug is not given in due time, the body will suffer from withdrawals. Thus, in order to obtain the drugs, addicted teenagers would do anything in their power, be it petty crime or even worse, murder.I feel that social problems faced by teenagers is a grave problem which should be dealt as soon as possible. We would’nt want to see the future cornerstones of our country to walk down the wrong road and engage themselves in self-destruction, would we?