The importance of proofreading is something that cannot be ignored by
writers. Even with existence of modern wonders like word processors, writers
know human proofreaders are integral. Proofreaders are employed to proofread
and suggest editing in a writer’s work. A number of proofreading methods exist.
These range from traditional methods to alternative methods like copy reading,
scanning and double reading.

Before you embark on proofreading, it is advisable to institute some
measures. Ensure the overall focus of your essay is revised first before
editing of sentences and words. This means revision needs to be done before
editing. Set time for proofreading which is different from writing. Putting a
day between the two activities is recommended. This will help to note mistakes
easily. While writing your essay, avoid use of unnecessary words. It helps to
have simple sentences with no complexities in construction and language. As a
writer with some experience in writing, we have an idea of the common mistakes
we normally make. Make a mental note of these mistakes before starting on
proofreading. This way, you will be able to identify them easily. Another area
to focus on is references. Ensure the references are properly cited. Also make
sure they are properly mentioned in your essay.

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As a proofreader, you can employ a number of ways to make your work
easier. One of them is using a printed copy of the essay as opposed to reading
from a screen. You will be sparing your eyes the strain that comes with staring
at a computer screen for long periods of time. Mistakes are easily identified
and noted on a printed copy. Reading the essay loudly is very helpful. You will
hear mistakes that would have been hard to note when reading silently. In reading
loudly, you will be understanding the essay as the potential audience would. To
prevent skipping mistakes, you can use a blank sheet of paper to cover lines
just below the one you are currently reading. It will also help you in pacing
yourself. Most of us tend to misuse punctuation marks when writing essays. To
address this, punctuation marks should be highlighted. This way, you will be
forced to focus on each mark. Each marks’ importance and relevance will be laid
bare for your judgement. Utilizing the search function in a word processor will
lessen your work in finding common mistakes in your essay. For those who are
prone to making a lot of mistakes, proofreading should consist of reading the
essay severally and in each instance a different kind of error is checked. Different
reading techniques should be employed in each instance depending on the type of
mistake being checked.

For a more effective proofreading, let your process be based on your
writing weaknesses. Note the mistakes you typically make when writing an essay.
Find ways of fixing them and how to avoid them. Develop strategies that will
help you find those errors. They can be in grammar, sentence structure or even
punctuation. Proofreading requires periods of concentration and focus, so avoid
distractions. Also do not try to proofread your entire essay at once. Intense concentrations
for long are hard.

When through with proofreading, use a spell checker to check on
spellings. Note that a spell checker will not flag homonyms. You can also read
your essay backwards. Leave yourself enough time to read your essay slowly. Reading
at a normal speed will not catch most of the mistakes. After all these, you can
exchange with your friend and proofread each other’s essay.

If you are looking for proofreading services, a number of platforms
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employed a number of professional proofreaders whose job is to proofread
submitted essays. They will note changes needed on the essay. These platforms
charge a fee for their services.

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