The issue with madness in shakespeare is that it has never been concretely defined. Some believe it was the authors archaic take on severe mental illness. Others believe it was a ? the reality is far less exhilarating. Madness in Shakespeare is an embellished look at the general human condition; when a person always their biased interpretation of themselves and the world around them to dictate their actions and beliefs this creates a discount between the way they perceive the world to be and the way it actually is. The characters inability to reconcile perceived reality to truth creates a mental dysphoria, this dysphoria is referred to as madness. Madness is formidable and persistent largely due to the fact that the logic of insanity is internal consistency. The madman’s logic persists even though it be flawed, not because it is well reasoned but because it is internally consistent, if everything has a reason, a causation, why not his reason, why not his cause. The truth is a footnote in insanity, logic is the master of it. A madman cannot care that his logic is “flawed”, how can it be, when his conclusions are always correct.Perception rather than law drives the madman, the madman is the sanest person in the world. The madman does not realize that he is mad, he does not worry. Everyone is mad but he, and he cannot be proven otherwise. What he perceives rather than what truly is is what is the lens through which the madman interprets his surroundings, and in this, all of the cast of hamlet, all shakespearean characters, have a touch of madness. If they did not, there would be not tragedies not comedies to tell. This cycle of attempting to find reason in tragedy, is followed by the slow descent into madness as reason provides no actual solutions. Ultimately the tragedy concludes with no loose ends as the main character accepts, some even on their deathbed, all the illicit forces out of their control that brought this tragedy about. Ultimately it is acceptance of the flawed human condition and not reason that brings clarity to tragedy.