The time is 843Rome, Italy. A young, ambitious,And soon to be Pope St. Nicholas IDedicating his time in the Curia.Born into a well-known family,Distinguished for Piety, benevolent, eloquent.Nicholas Iwas a conscious representative Of Roman primacy. Elected as pope,Consecrated, enthroned in the Church of St. Peter After Benedict the III passed away.Emperor Louis II exerted influenceOver the election,Further approving the beginning ofPope St. Nicholas I. As the successor of Pope Benedict III,Adversities were ensued.The melancholy condition of Christianity,Plagued Western Europe. Nicholas I, Shining as bright as a star,Using God’s law against Those sinful.To begin, Matters involving the patriarchsOf Constantinople. The deposition of St. IgnatiusAnd the rise of Photiuscommanded by Byzantine emperorMichael III.Seeing a violation ofEcclesiastical law,Nicholas I called upon bishops To refuse remembrance to Photius,Favoring Ignatius and excommunicating Photius.Effectively creating The Photian Schism. A divide in Europe,between Western and Eastern Churches.Through missionary activity of the ChurchEncouraged by Nicholas I,Prince Boris of Bulgaria haveBeen one to receive these efforts.Yet, questions persisted.Along one hundred and six questionsIn a letter,Sent by Prince Boris,Was Nicholas I answering eachInquiry exhaustively. Putting his mind’s worthOn each question. Exemplifying his desireTo foster an earnestChristian life. Ultimately, Prince Boris,And those who followed,Joined the Eastern Church.Nicholas I has also shownefforts to maintain Ecclesiastical discipline, Especially marriage laws. Theutberga, wife of King Lothar of Lorraine,Faced a divorce,Called upon her husband.She appealed to NicholasI , Whilst a Synod at Aachen permitted Lothar To remarry. At a Synod at Metz, Lothar achieved confirmationOf Aachen’s decision from Nicholas I’s own legates.Archbishops they were. When Nicholas I’s legatesarrived back to Rome,Nicholas I realized what has happened. While treating Lothar, he deposed he archbishops. He then creates a precedent,Detailing that those must return to their partners,Effectively maintaining ecclesiastical discipline. In the wake of the deposition Of Bishop Rothad II of Soissons,Rothad appealed to the popeAgainst the decision of the Synod of Soissons. Nicholas I prevailed the False Decretals. A 9th century collection of ecclesiastical legislation.With its purpose to maintain theFreedom of bishops against archbishopsWho were attempting to extend their power.By using these partially forged documents,The bishop was able to restore its powerAgainst archbishop Hincmar of Reims. The death of Nicholas I succeeded his reign.Yet, the actions of Nicholas I hasAlways been remembered even after his peaceful death.Including the numerous churches he endowedAnd the constant urge of the importance of One’s religious life.Additionally, Nicholas I’s teachingsContained parts of papal theocracy. Combining roman supremacy to the western world,It declared all must observe the actionsOf the pope. So that “The Pope shall judge everyoneAnd be judged by none”.