lic, The United Church, and AnglicanHere are ten terms for Roman Catholicism-
1) Pope- The leader of the Roman Catholic Church, considered supreme in the matters of faith and discipline on Earth.

2) Communion- It is the meeting of the church members normally on Sundays. Also can be called Mass.

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3) Baptism- The consent into Christianity, normally baptism takes place right after the birth.

4) Holy Orders- The statements made that should be abided by to leave free of sin.

5) Confirmation- The process gone through to become a true member of the church.

6) Penance- A confession of sins so you may be forgiven by god.

7) Purgatory- The basic hell that you go to after you die to repay god for your sins.

8) Transubstantiation- The belief that the bread and wine eaten mass turn in to true flesh and blood of Christ.

9) Catholic- The meaning of this word is “universal”, meaning that the Roman Church is the Universal Church
10) Roman Catholic Senate- A group of bishops, cardinals, and priests which aid in helping the pope make certain decisions.

One of the main religions in Canada is the Roman Catholic Church, of which twenty-five percent of Canadians belong to. Roman Catholicism is one of the largest Christian denominations in the world. It was started at the council of Nicacaea. The leader of the church or bishop, is normally referred to as the “Pope” or “The Holy Father”. The senate of the Roman Catholic Church is made up of a group of Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests that aid the Pope in making decisions. For every church there is at least one or more Priests. Priesthood is only open to male Roman Catholics and are required to take an oath of celibacy. Priests perform the main rituals of the church called sacraments as well as many other rituals except for ordination and confirmation. There are also many other types of monks and nuns who have taken an oath of obedience, chastity, and poverty. They take on many jobs which involve in the aid of other people.
There are many different beliefs that distinguish the Roman Catholic Church. The first of such is that the Pope is the supreme being on Earth in the matters of faith and discipline. While many Christian denominations rely on the bible for their teachings and authority, Roman Catholics accept the traditions of their church for their beliefs and practices. This has led to the seven sacraments instead of the only two like most religions. They believe in communion, baptism, ordination, confirmation, penance, anointing the sick, and marriage. They also believe that after death the soul enters a place called Purgatory where people repay god for their sins in life. People can cut down their amount of time in purgatory by spending time in confession as well as other duties involving the church. Finally they believe Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a virgin when Jesus was born and when she died entered strait into heaven. She is asked in many prayers to communicate with Jesus.

1) Baptism
2) Communion or Mass
3) Silent Prayer
4) Eating of bread in wine during mass in the thought they turn into the true flesh and blood of Christ
5) Confession or Penance