The American
Revolution occured from 1775-1783 it began as a conflict between the colonists
and the british. Supposedly, there was an argument with a few colonists and
Private Hugh White which angered the colonists and led to the Boston Massacre.

The British government tried to control the colonies and raised taxes with The
Stamp Act, Townshend Acts, Tea Act, etc. and caused the colonists to revolt so
there began the revolution.

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            The Stamp Act, Navigation Acts, the
Proclamation of 1763, the Quartering Act, Townshend Acts and the Coercive
Intolerable Acts are some laws the british imposed on the colonists. These laws
made the colonists pay higher taxes for no reason basically just because
Britain wanted control. The king at the time passed Proclamation of 1763 and
prohibited settlements beyond the Appalachian Mountains. Colonists who had
already settled there had to return east of the mountains.

            Lots of colonists felt that they
didnt have to pay for the taxes since it was passed by England and not their
own colonial government. They protested, tried to resist by boycotting and not
buying british goods. Some colonists showed frustration by dressing as Indians
and dumping tea to the sea (the boston tea party). Colonists even fought in
wars and battles like lexington and concord. They were fighting for their

            The first continental congress was
in september 1774 they met in Philadelphia to organize colonial resistance to
parliaments acts. The second continental congress met a year after at
Philadelphia too. After battles were fought at lexington and concord the second
continental congress took action. They made an army, made appeals to Great
Britain, and also made George Washington head of th army they raised.

            The first draft of the Declaration
of Independence was done by Thomas Jefferson on june 11, 1776. The Declaration
of Independence was signed to explain to other nations why the colonies had
chosen to seperate themselves from Great Britain. It was signed by many famous
people at the time they were presidents and writers or were important.