they will clean the platinum off your teeth.Platinum is things you eat that get stuck on your teeth. If you eat a lot of candy your teeth will get dirty and have platinum on your teeth so that why it is important to brush your teeth. Toothpaste is known for your teeth to be white or to become white. Toothpaste can help you have good breath smell.The ingredients have changed in some toothpaste. Maybe without ancient Egypt we wouldn’t have toothpaste. Toothpaste can help you not get caps or cavity in your teeth. Caps is when you eat a lot candy in you will mostly get caps in your mouth. When you don’t brush your teeth your teeth will get brown or yellow and will start falling out.This is all the good facts about toothpaste if you want to no more about toothpaste you can search who created toothpaste.  Toothpaste was made in ancient Egypt in 500B.C. The stuff they put into the toothpaste is rock salt, mint, dried Iris flower, grains of pepper. Toothpaste is used in the U.S.A for brushing teeth to stay healthy and gums to forms a great smile. The ancient Egyptians didn’t have anything to brush their teeth with, so they invented the toothbrush.  They brush their teeth and took care of their them.Toothpaste is very helpful in the U.S. because if we have to go to a job, meeting or out, toothpaste will give you a great smile and breath. The U.S toothpaste has new ingredients  the toothpaste like their is a gum toothpaste little kid toothpaste there is a lot of new toothpaste. Sometimes toothpaste can be used for animals for their teeth too. In the dentist they use toothpaste for our teeth. There is toothpaste in the store like Walmart,Krogers, Family Dollar, and other places. Toothpaste is for your teeth to be whitening your teeth. Like if you have Orange juice on your teeth you can you brush your teeth and the Orange juice will go away and your teeth will become clean. Toothpaste is for when you wake up and at night. Toothpaste can clean your teeth and make them healthy gums and ancient Egyptian.. But this is all about toothpaste and the first country to make toothpaste.