10 Desert safaris


Adventure, amusement,
pleasure…what could be the most suitable name for desert safaris…?? Deserts
when thought off, creates a dry and rough image in your mind. De facto, desert
safaris is much more than just piles of sand. Desert safari serves as the most
amusing platform for the people who are fond of adventures. It’s the story of
olden days when such places can only be afforded by rich ones. Now a number of
affordable trips are offered to desert safaris. Desert safaris allows you to
spend time in comfort outside your comfort zone, by offering certain mind
relaxing activities like racing, dancing, hunting and satisfying your taste
buds too. 😉

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Here are top ten desert
safaris that you should never miss to visit.

The great sandy desert(Rub-Al Khali)

we start listing the desert safaris then the greatest sandy dessert is Arabian
Desert. This place is not just in highlights for its adorable activities at desert
but also for sky-high buildings, amusing shopping malls and the rapid pace of
life. At Arabian desert you can enjoy camping, car racing, quad bikes,
delicious BBQ, camping, hunting, wearing Arabian costumes, camel rides(ship of
desert), photographing with camels, belly and tanoura dance and putting
fragrant henna on your hands.

U.S.A White sands

sands, a desert full of gypsum unlike other deserts is located in Tularosa
Basin, Mexico. A white sand national park is developed here. This park was a
place of shooting for many movies like ‘Bite the Bullet’, ‘Young guns’ and many
more. The soft and sleek sand is the most eye-catching on a full moon night.

U.S.A Nevada

you are fond of mountainous views then pay a visit to this desert for sure.
It’s a black rock desert, a most preferred place for safari tours. However,
summer season is quite dry but it’s better to visit in summers.

Australia, The Outback

miss to spend quality vacations in this great desert. Australia is basically a
home to greenery but this dessert is protected by world wildlife fund.

South Africa, Namib

is a desert with less popularity but an awesome place to visit. One of the
world’s oldest deserts but its growth is hindered due to situation in Namibia. The
Namib holds a meaning of vast place. A national park named Naufluft Park
(larger game reserve) occupies the larger area. Many animals and plants that
are found in this desert can never be found at any other place in the world.

Egypt, Sahara Desert

camping is also prevailing its charm here. You hire a four wheeler or enjoy on
camel’s back. Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx are most attention catching here.
It’s better to visit this place in spring or autumn season as temperature stays

Pakistan, Cholistan desert safari

is located in the land of five years ‘PUNJAB’. You must pay a visit to this
desert in order to enjoy one of the best car racing. Moreover, this visit allows
you to explore the historical beauty of fort Darawar.

India, Jaisalmer Rajasthan

Jaisalmer is not only famous for its charming desert but also for its
historical places. The desert life offers you cultural pop and show, delicious
food, camping life and a lot more.

Oman, Muscat

sands will give you an unforgettable experience of camping and adventure, nut
better to avoid visit in summers especially people from Europe should not visit
in summers.

Africa, Kalahari Desert

place is easily reachable in comparison to other countries. African lion is
most important, it not just lion but you may found many animals in this place.