Tracking down the record of the olden times, Earth would not just be the planet that can support life.
According to the Science Channel, both Earth and Mars were born into the realm of violence. Asteroids
smashed into their surfaces turning rock and metal into a molten mass. And when the two started to cool, a
solid crust formed on the surface, but the molten metal below churned as the planets turn inducing a magnetic
field which rose high up above the surface of both planets.
Subsequently, active volcanoes pumped gas into the space around each planet protected by the newly
formed magnetic field. These gases built up into thick atmosphere creating the air pressure for liquid water to
run on the surface. For over millions of years both Mars and Earth form warm and wet paradises primed for life
to prosper. Then quite suddenly, the Mars’s atmosphere disappeared. The solar flares blew its atmosphere into
space and its ocean boils and turns into vapor, thus making the planet Mars dry.
Earth as the only planet now that can sustain life, owes its existence to the magnetic field that covers
earth. This magnetic field surrounding the Earth, acts like a force field, protecting the planet and all the life from
space radiation. In one way or another, it is also called as the magnetosphere- the first layer of the earth’s
atmosphere. But how does it work?
Sun, as the center of our solar system rains high energy charged particles on earth in all direction. If it
weren’t for the earth’s magnetosphere, we would be all be burst into pieces and in all probability, no life will
The magnetosphere has a compressed, bulbous side that faces the sun, a dip near Earth’s poles and
a flowing tail extending away behind the earth. It is shaped that way because as it received the energy from the
sun, it deflates them and let them out from the earth’s atmosphere. Though some of it will pass through the
atmosphere, still however the effects it brought to the earth is reduced.
Nevertheless, the earth’s magnetosphere shape is changing. At any time, it has the probability to be
deformed depending on the amount of solar flares it received.
When there is a vast solar flare that comes to earth, some are deflected while others are trapped. Those
trapped energy from the earth that were about to leave comes back to the earth along the field lines emanating
from the poles. As these charged particles combined with nitrogen and some other atmospheric elements, it
creates the cosmic light shows known as Auroras. The bigger the storm, the farther the Auroras ca be seen.
Indeed, magnetosphere is one of the things earth we owe. Without its presence, our planet would be
like as red as Mars. Oceans and other forms of water will turn into favor, leaving the earth’s surface dry, thus
making life on earth impossible.