UN:United Nations
The United Nations was established on October 29, 1945. The United Nations was formed right after World War 2. It was also formed for international assembly of Nations to bring world peace. The United Nations is the successor of the league of Nations, a kind of the same organizationformed after World War 1 that failed to stop another war. The United Nations was first outlined in the Dumbarton Oaks Proposal of 1944. In the Yalta confrence the biggest threes of those times ,United States,Soviet Union, and Great Britian. They all sat together trying to solve promblems concerning the UN.

The United Nations was formed in six parts, they were: General Assembly which the legislative body of the UN were all nations are equal.
Economic Social Council- handles economic and social projects.
Security Council- which is responsible for international peace and security issues ,it has five permanent members (United States, Great Britian , China , France ,and U.S.S.R).

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Trusteeship Coucil- handles or supervises UN territories former colonies which have yet to become independent.

International Court of Justice- settles international disputes.

Secretariat- the administrative branch of the UN.

During the cold war the UN was the host to a bunch of conflicts between U.S.S.R and the United States . They used the General Assembly where all nations are equal. They used it by talking or arguing verbally attack on each other . At Dumbarton Oaks Confrence (Aug-Oct1944). These five countries drafted proposed to new organizations. At the Yalta confrence Feb. 1945 more stuff was agreed. The UN Charter was signed on June 26, and require number of states on Oct 24.

The General Assembly first met in London on Jan,10,1946. The UN decided to locate the headquarters in the United States. In Dec. 1946 John D. Rockefeller Jr. gave the General Assembly 8.5 million.With that pocket money they (UN) bought a piece of land along the East River of New York city for their headquarters.the principal buildings they were the Secretariat,the General Assembly, and the confrence building were completed in 1952.

Oganization and Principles
‘The charter of the UN’s comprimises a preamble of 19 chapters divided into 111articles.The charters sets forth the purposes of the UN the maintenance of international peace and security. The development of friendly relations with states. The General Assembly , the Security Council.The official languages of the UN are Arabic, English, Chinese, Russia, French, Spanish. The working languages of the General Assembly are English, Spanish, and French.In the Security Council only English and French and understanding languages are those.