2. According to (Section 165):

If several joint owners of goods bail them, the bailee may deliver them back to, or according to direction of, one joint owner, without the consent of all, in the absence of any agreement to the contrary.

3. Right to compensation (Section 166):

If the bailor has no title to the goods and the bailee in good faith delivers them as per the direction of the bailor, the bailee will not be liable for such delivery.

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4. Right of Third person, claiming well hailed (Section 167):

If the person other than the bailor, claim the goods bailed, the bailee has the right to apply to the court for stopping the delivery of goods to the bailor and to decide title to the goods

5. Right of lien:

Right of lien is also enjoyed by the bailee.

6. Right to sue:

A bailee can sue the person who has wrongfully deprived him of the use or possession of the goods bailed.

Duties of the bailee:

1. To take care of the goods bailed (Sec. 151) (care means care taken by man of ordinary prudence under similar circumstance as he would take care of his own goods).

2. To compensate for the loss due to his negligence (Sec. 152).

3. Not to act against the terms of contract (Sec. 153).

4. Not to make any unauthorized use of goods.

5. Not to mix the goods bailed with his own goods.