What was perceived
to be less than a five-year deal turned into extortionary success and accolades
for actress Ellen Pompeo. Ellen Pompeo, a 14-year veteran on the hit show Grey’s
Anatomy has taken primetime television by storm. Threw her rough upbringing
Pompeo has overcame many trials and tribulations to succeed in the crazy
business of Hollywood while also setting a new bar as a woman in this industry.

Before the surgeries and boy drama that has fascinated
the world for over 14 years, Ellen Pompeo was a Boston native who grew up with
five other siblings. She and her other five siblings were raised by their
father and grandparents after their mother passed due to drug use. Pompeo was
only five when she lost her mother and due to her catholic background, she was
only allowed to repress her emotions and learn how to strive on her own. Pompeo
ventured off to fulfil her dreams of becoming an actress. After years of small
gigs such as Citibank and L’Oréal commercials, Pompeo snagged a role in Brad
Silbering’s Moonlight Mile. She
received many outstanding reviews and what was perceived to be Hollywood’s next
big thing. The script was ultimately flipped on Pompeo as for many years following
her significant role she wasn’t’ left with many options on what to do next.

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            With her mid 30’s
approaching and no big roles in sight, Pompeo was on the brink of going broke.
However, Pompeo was lucky enough to found herself with a new opportunity that
would change her life forever. Although Grey’s Anatomy is a very successful
show today it wasn’t always perceived that way, at least not in Pompeo’s perspective.
When the offer for Grey’s Anatomy was approached to the actress, her reaction
was not very friendly and accepting. In an article written by Hollywood
reporter Lacey Rose it stated that Pompeo was not up for the job and in a
conversation with her agent she expressed how she was a movie star and did not
like the idea of being “stuck on a medical show for five years “. Although after
a lot of convincing her agent was able to convince her to audition saying,
“it’s just something to pay the rent”. 14 years later she is dramatic
television’s highest paid actress, making over 575,000 per episode.

            Before the
fortunate was given to Pompeo she had to negotiate a lot with the network and
show’s producers to get what she deserved. Being a woman in the Hollywood
business can be quite difficult in some aspects. It not very typical for a
woman to come high strung and demand what she wants unlike a man could do with ease.
In Pompeo case it started with asking for five thousand dollars more than her
male co star Patrick Dempsey for the principle that she is the main character
of the show. The show producer would ultimately decline her offer, living Pompeo
was a lot of conflicts to think about.